Black Widow

The Black Widow first appeared in TALES OF SUSPENSE #52.

Real name: Natalia Alianovna
Romanova ("Natasha" is the
informal version of the name
"Natalia," and is used by her
close associates. Sometimes
she has chosen to Anglicize
her last name as "Romanoff."
She has dropped her married
name of "Shostakova.")

Occupation: Adventurer,
intelligence agent, former

Legal status: Former citizen
of the USSR who defected to
the United States; she now
lives in the United States
under an extended visa
authorized by S.H.I.E.L.D.;
she has a criminal record in
the United States for her
espionage activities for other
nations, but was granted
amnesty through S.H.I.E.L.D.'s

Identity: Publicly known

Place of birth: Stalingrad, former Union of Soviet Socialist

Marital status: Widowed

Known relatives: Alexi Shostakov (alias Red Guardian I,
husband, deceased)

Group affiliation: Avengers reservist, frequent freelance
agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., former partner of Daredevil, former
member of the Champions of Los Angeles

Base of operations: Mobile, but she maintains a home in New
York City

First appearance: TALES OF SUSPENSE #52


Natalia Romanova, a descendant of Russia's royal family, was
found as a young child by a Russian soldier known as Ivan
Petrovitch, who watched over her as she grew up and today
works as her chauffeur. Romanova proved to be a brilliant
scholar and athlete as she matured, and in her teens gained
fame in the Soviet Union as a ballerina. She married the
renowned Soviet test pilot Alexi Shostakov. It was decided
at the KGB, the department of the Soviet government which
served as its intelligence agency and secret police, that
the Shostakovs would make good special operatives. While
Alexi Shostakov was away on a mission, he was informed of
the state's new plans for him, and told that from then on he
could have no contact with any of his past friends and
acquaintances, including even his own wife. Shostakov was
then trained to become the Red Guardian, a costumed agent
who was intended to act as the Soviet Union's counterpart to
Captain America. Meanwhile, a Soviet official told Natalia
Shostakova that her husband had died in the explosion of an
experimental rocket he was testing. Distraught, Natalia
Shostakova said that she wanted to do something to be worthy
of the memory of her heroic husband. The KGB had anticipated
her reaction, and trained her to become the spy known as the
Black Widow. Some theorize that Romanova was trained in the
nearly mythical location known as the "Red Room."

At first the Black Widow did not act as a costumed agent.
Her first major field assignment was to infiltrate Stark
Industries in the United States and to assist her partner
Boris Turgenov in the assassination of the defector
Professor Anton Vanko. The Black Widow was thwarted
repeatedly by the original Iron Man in her various schemes
against Stark Industries. The Black Widow used Hawkeye, who
was then sought as a criminal and who found himself
attracted to her, as an ally in some of her subversive
activities. The Widow was given her first costume in her
fourth major mission in the United States. However, her
growing love for Hawkeye led to a weakening of her resolve
to continue her missions for the Soviets. Hawkeye refused to
act as a criminal any longer, and successfully sought
amnesty and Avengers membership.

The Black Widow fell into the hands of intelligence agents
of the People's Republic of China, who brainwashed her into
serving them. They directed her to attack the Avengers, but
she freed herself from the brainwashing, was reunited with
Hawkeye, and defected to the United States. She publicly
revealed her true identity and offered her services to
S.H.I.E.L.D., which has made use of them on numerous

Her romance with Hawkeye ended, as did her subsequent love
affair and partnership with Daredevil, although she remains
friends with both men. She was a member of the Champions of
Los Angeles, and serves from time to time as a member of the
Avengers. She remains active as a freelance adventurer.

Height: 5' 7" Weight: 125 lbs. Eyes: Blue Hair: Red-auburn
(formerly dyed black)

Strength level: The Black Widow possesses the normal human
strength of a woman of her age, height, and build who
engages in intensive regular exercise.

Known superhuman powers: None

Abilities: The Black Widow is an Olympic level athlete and
gymnast, and a master of several martial arts, including
karate, judo, akido, savate, and boxing. The Black Widow has
had extensive training and experience in a great variety of
espionage skills, and is considered to be one of the world's
most effective and potentially dangerous secret agents.

Weapons: The Black Widow's uniform is equipped with
microscopic suction cups on the portions covering her
fingers and feet, activated by an electro-static charge,
enabling her to stick to walls and ceilings made of standard
building materials.

The cartridges of her wrist-bracelets contain a
spring-loaded cable capable of shooting a hooked wire a
hundred feet. Called her "widow's line," the cable is
primarily used for swinging from building to building. The
wrist-cartridges also carry a small device capable of
emitting a high frequency electrostatic charge of 30,000
volts a maximum distance of ten feet. This electro-blast,
called her "widow's bite," is sufficient to stun a man at
twenty feet. Other cartridges in her wrist-bracelets contain
tear gas pellets and a radio transmitter. She also sometimes
wears a belt of metallic disc-cartridges. Each of these
contains a plastic explosive equivalent to four pounds of


The Silver Surfer

The Silver Surfer was created by Jack “King” Kirby and first appeared in the Fantastic Four.
Real name: Norrin Radd
Occupation: (current) Wanderer, adventurer, (former) Scholar, herald of Galactus
Dual identity: None; existence unknown to the general populace of Earth
Legal status: Citizen of the planet Zenn-La with no criminal record
Place of birth: The planet Zenn-La
Marital status: Single
Height: 6’4″
Weight: Unknown
Eyes: (as Norrin Radd) Blue, (as Silver Surfer) White
Hair: (as Norrin Radd) None, except black eyebrows, (as Silver Surfer) None
Other distinguishing features: The Silver Surfer’s skin is apparently a flexible metallic silvery material.Known relatives: Jartarn Radd (father, deceased), Elmar (mother, deceased)
Known confidants: (former) Shalla Bal; Mantis, Nova II
Known allies: Fantastic Four, the Defenders, the Avengers, Mentor, Starfox, Drax the Destroyer, Adam Warlock
Major enemies: (former) Galactus; Mephisto, Elders of the Universe, Thanos
Group membership: (former) The Defenders
Base of operations: Mobile throughout the known universe
First appearance:FANTASTIC FOUR #48

Intelligence: Above normal
Strength: Superhuman class 100
Flight speed: Warp speed
Stamina: Godlike
Fighting skills: Average hand-to-hand combatant, relies wholly on cosmic energy powers.

Superhuman physical powers: The Silver Surfer possesses vast cosmic power granted him by Galactus as a part of the process of physically restructuring the Surfer’s former organic
body.The Silver Surfer has the ability to manipulate cosmic energy for a variety of effects. He has the ability to channel ambient cosmic energy into his body at will, and expel it violently as concussive force or gently as a means to restructure molecules according to his mental design.

He can generate beams of energy through his hands with sufficient destructive force to level a large city or generate such subtle amounts of energy to restructure the molecules of the natural dyes within a plant to change its color. The Surfer can rearrange the molecules of matter to create other configurations, but he cannot transmute elements. He can also direct this energy in a variety of other ways including the erection of force shields, molecular reconstruction and creation of objects, healing, augmentation of strength at superhuman levels; flight at near-light speeds through interstellar space and through hyperspace; near total physical invulnerability, ability to exist without food, sleep, or oxygen in space.

Durability: He can withstand great extremes of temperature caused by the build-up of friction within atmospheres or the vacuum of space or (within limits) the intense heat within the near vicinity of stars. He can survive without difficulties in the vacuum of outer space and hyperspace, and his body can withstand the stresses of travel at near-light speeds in this universe and of even greater speeds, in hyperspace.

Senses: The Silver Surfer has certain cosmic energy enhanced perceptions which enable him through concentration to become aware of the patterns of energy which surround him. The Surfer can sense the lifeforce of a planet from thousands of light years away. Accordingly, he can sense great concentrations or deployment of energy anywhere in the world. He has a special affinity for the life energies of living beings, and can use his cosmic powers to augment them to a certain degree. While he can use his power to revitalize life energies and heal the wounded, he cannot create life or restore life to the dead.

Superhuman mental powers: Mental command of his surfboard; ability to sense concentrations of energy, including life energies of living beings, over galactic distances, and a perfect sense of direction. Norrin also has a strong personal sense of self, able to resist manipulation from cosmic beings such as Mephisto and Despayre.

Source of superhuman powers: Physical transformation by cosmic power of Galactus.

Zauriel (inactive)

Zauriel was created by Grant Morrison and Howard Porter in JLA #6, 1997.



Species: Divine Humanoid
Height: 7’0″ Weight: 225 lbs, Hair: Grey, Eyes: Red
Other Aliases: Guardian Angel
Group: Justice League, Eagle Host of Heaven (former member)
Origin: Heaven
First appearance:JLA #6, 1997
Known Relatives: NoneOverview: 
Active and current member of the JLA. Former Guardian Angel of the Eagle Host of Heaven, Zauriel forsook his immortality and assumed human form in order to be with the woman he protected and loved. The angel also knew of the secret plans of Bull angel Asmodel, who sought to destroy the Earth and conquer Heaven. With the aid of the JLA, Zauriel defeated the traitorous angel’s and became a member of the Justice League. The guardian of the air observes vigilantly from his lofty fortress Aerie high above Los Angeles. No longer involved with the object of his affections, Zauriel looks at his new post as a way of increasing peoples awareness of Heaven in a world where Evil is all too apparent and visible.
No historical references available.Skills and Talents:
Zauriel’s skill base seems quite wide and diverse. Having a million years to practice any skills he wanted, it would make sense that he would have many abilities that we are as yet unaware. His primary abilities are in detection and prevention, since as a guardian angel, he has to protect the interests of his client. Since he is not permitted to interfere in a physical way, we assume that he could only help in a spiritual way. Such help has not been clearly defined as of yet. Zauriel has a keen understanding and knowledge of the Supernatural and Magick, one of the reasons he was selected for membership in the Justice League. Zauriel is also familiar with technology and claims that Heaven has craftsmen capable of creating advanced technology beyond the ken of mortal man. His current battlesuit and Aerie are examples of that technology.

Zauriel does not sleep nor feels the need to rest to recover strength. As such, he appears immune to magic that induces sleep, and has never actually been seen to lose consciousness. His mental abilities include the ability to multitask, and interact with information at a multitude of levels. His aerial sanctuary boast some of the world’s most sophisticated intelligence equipment. He is able to watch multiple programs on multiple monitors and be aware of all of them simultaneously. He claims that he also possesses a level of “higher consciousness” that is constantly watching the environment at a spiritual level. He is able to understand and communicate with animals. This seems an innate ability but we are currently unaware of how extensive the communication is.

Special Powers/Abilities:
It is difficult to say with any clarity where Zauriel’s physical form actually originates from. He claims that he is an angelic being from Heaven, but we have little physical evidence in hand. What has been observed is that he has a humanoid body that is grey-skinned in color, possesses superhuman strength, resistance to injury and flight capabilities.

He appears to possesses low level superhuman strength probably on the order of 20 times the human norm. (This would be 10-15 tons.) His strength is probably not the Angelic norm since the other angel Asmodel seem to have incredible physical strength as well as other powers. Asmodel’s physical strength was great enough that he could defeat the entire Justice League and fight Superman to a stalemate. Zauriel was given a powersuit by Heaven’s artisans. It is unknown how much this suit modifies the abilities of the Angel or whether it has other capabilities built into it.

Zauriel’s ability to take physical punishment is much higher than normal, considering the amount of damage, that he took from Asmodel in a later confrontation, after the King-Angel had be relegated to wearing a flesh-suit. His injuries seem to heal with astonishing speed, though he does not appear to be immortal or invulnerable. Zauriel can be affected by human medications, although his divine nature may make them less potent.

Zauriel is capable of flight with his huge wingspan of almost 20 feet. His actual flight capabilities would still be magical since it is impossible for a man, even with wings to be able to fly as he does without a magical or antigravitational assist. His maximum flight speed and distance is as yet undisclosed.

Weapons and Offensive Capabilities:
Sonic Cry:
Zauriel possesses two means of offensive capability. The first is the sonic cry. The sonic cry was one of his powers he was allowed to keep after he left the Silver City (Heaven). His sonic cry is rarely used and with good reason. It has the power to liquify any target it strikes. It causes incredible damage, particularly to spiritually created constructs such as the flesh-suit of Asmodel. It must be a particularly taxing power since Zauriel will engage in combat, take physical abuse and suffer injury before using it.

Flaming Sword
The second is his flaming sword. This sword seems to be a staple among angelic beings, and all angels seem to possess a personalized weapon. Since these beings appear to be relatively immortal, and everything they do is personalized, it would make sense that each angel would have a weapon keyed to just them. The flaming sword is a devastating weapon capable of rending steel and brick as well as human flesh.

Allies: Barda, Superman, Orion, Steel, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Flash, Martian Manhunter

Enemies: Asmodel, King-Angel of the Pax-Dei, Neron, Lord of the Underworld. Others as yet unrevealed.