A nation in decline

I have a news flash for you America, just in case, nobody told you, we are a nation in decline. But not for the reasons you think. We are still technically a superpower, our current economic state notwithstanding, with the world’s largest and most expensive working military-industrial complex. We have the some of the world’s most powerful aircraft and accurate missile systems. We could shoot the wings off a gnat at fifty miles. And we still have the classics, ICBMs with which we can still, even thirty years after the Cold War ended, nuke the entire planet until it glows and render it a lifeless husk in 30 minutes or less; you can’t even get a pizza delivered that fast anymore!

We still have overall, the highest standard of living for the average citizen anywhere in the world. We have the best education system that allows almost everyone in the country to aspire to at least a twelth-grade education of varying qualities, for almost no cost. We have some of this planet’s finest educational facilities on these shores, providing higher education to people from all four corners of the globe.

We have a justice system that does more right than wrong, no matter what the media might want you to believe. Yes, it has problems but consider the scale at which we perform justice and law in this country and you would be amazed how often it works, rather than it fails. It should never fail but to err is human.

In this country, no matter how often the government attempts to reroute, redirect or convince you otherwise, we have the right to protest our government and the laws that it creates. Though taken for granted by most of its citizens, it is a right much less common that you might think in many countries of the world. It is something granted to us by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution, who, while they were deists, insisted that there be no religion in our statescraft, and while many of them were slave owners, they did understand the nature of freedom and insisted on it for themselves, even if they could not see giving it to their slaves. They were a complex and contraditory bunch, the Founding Fathers, but they had foresight and it has lasted almost two hundred and thirty years, give or take a few.

So what could possibly be keeping America, arguable the most powerful, awesome, magnificient country on Earth from being the true beacon of life, hope, liberty, justice that it believes itself to be?

I can tell you America. It is a lack of vision. A lack of long-term vision. I know, you have heard this all before. But I am going to tell you something different. I promise. I am not running for office, so I am not beholden to any corporate lapdogs who might have paved my way to the office of my choice.

So here is the Truth, as I see it: We are a nation at war with itself. We are suffering from cognitive dissonance. This is the psychological state that describes a condition where two mutual opposing thought processes attempt to be operative at the same time in a single mind. America is cognitively dissonant. We are supposed to be a nation of the most free people in the world, but most people living in this country are slaves to the corporations that control all aspects of their lives. The Industrial Revolution, which was supposed to free mankind from laboring in the fields, just moved their place of labor to the smoky factory floor instead of the oppressive open field. The Industrial Revolution provided cheaper better resources for everyone, without any vision being given to what would happen to all of the things being created that no one would want. We created goods without understanding that there would be trash. A lot of trash. A whole lot of trash. A swirling vortex in the middle of the Pacific Ocean about the size of Texas lot of trash.

It is that lack of vision, of foresight that damns us. We went from a nation of proud individualists who created only what they needed, to a nation of self-centered shortsighted, narcacisstic boobs, who think that texting while driving is an acceptable behavior. No, I am not romanticising the individualists of the 18th and 19th century. They had their reprehensible habits too. I am simply stating that we are flounding here in the early 21st century because we are too busy stroking our handheld phones in a frenzy of texting-chatting-twittering masterbation that we cannot be bothered to take the time to look up, stop for a second and ask the real questions that need to be addressed yet are perhaps politically incorrect. And then ask them anyway.