Barbara Gordon was created by Bob Kane and first appeared as Batgirl (I) in Detectice Comics #359 (January, 1969). Oracleidentity created by John Ostrander and first appeared in Suicide Squad #23.
Name: Barbara “Babs” Gordon
Parents: Roger C. & Thelma A. Gordon (deceased); niece and (later) adopted daughter of James W. & Barbara Gordon (divorced); stepdaughter to Sarah Essen-Gordon.
Siblings: James, Jr. (cousin & adoptive brother)Birthplace: Ohio
Estimated Age: 21-23 years of age
Hair: Red, Eyes: Green, Height: 5’11” tall, Weight: 130 lbs
Base of Operations: Gotham City

Previous Occupations: Librarian, Congressperson, Lobbyist, Computer Expert

Past Affiliations: Worked with the Suicide Squad for some time early on in her career as Oracle

Current Affiliations: As Oracle (with the Black Canary), half of the crime-fighting team “Birds of Prey”; member of the latest JLA lineup; an integral part of the Batman’s research and support crew; and, as Barbara Gordon, temporarily led Gotham City police and emergency services during Cataclysm.Overview: 
Working with the Justice League as their primary information broker and team co-ordinator, Oracle was sponsored by Batman as a first draft choice to bolster the teams intellectual muscle. Physically confined to a wheelchair, she is intellectually unrestricted by any barriers. The superheroes of the world come to her time and again to handle the tasks too big for their superpowers — for instance, keeping track of all the teams and efforts and disasters which took place during The Final Night.She is a presence throughout the world, watching, tracking, and getting involved, via her operatives and allies, where she believes her and their combined skills could help out. And she “sits” at the round table, taking her place amongst the Justice League as their resident information technologist.

Barbara Gordon, once known as Gotham City’s Batgirl was shot and crippled by the Joker, her career cut short as she was paralyzed and restricted to a wheelchair. Vanishing from the vigilante scene and now known as Oracle, she was formerly an operative who was funded and recruited to work with the Suicide Squad as a team coordinator and information source. She has recently taken her information brokering duties freelance and full-time and is no longer in direct employment of the United States government or operative teams except as it pleases her to do so.

Skills, Talents and Powers

Superhuman Powers: Oracle has no superhuman abilities and has the strength (in her upper body, she is paralyzed from the waist down) of a woman who engages in intensive regular exercise.

Oracle is an expert at research & analysis and maintains several advanced databases filled with information about the metahuman, high trained non-metahumans, exceptional people, criminal, supersecret cabals, hate organizations, government agencies, and aliens who populate the world at large. Her databases are second only to the facilities for the Krypton Protocols at STAR Labs (and are mirrored by our facilities as she updates them.) An excellent programmer in a half a dozen languages, hacker, phone phreaker, master of telecommunications and database administrator, a technical wizard capable of working almost anywhere, she employees her talents creating custom built databases that allow her to cross reference information as quickly as possible. Working with WayneTech as a technical consultant, she is kept in computers, and money to do whatever she needs to, as Oracle.

A genius-level intellect with a near-eidetic memory and a master in her field, she has an excellent ability to correlate seemingly disparate data into a cohesive and logical whole. Her intuitive sense about information allows her to find connections that are not readily apparent to anyone else. Her multitasking abilities border on the superhuman and she handles herself well under pressure.

With an extensive background in gymnastics & dance, Barbara Gordon received many awards in ballet, classic dance and gymnastics early in her high school and college careers. She was an excellent overall athlete and received training to improve her abilities when she was still working as Batgirl in Gotham City. Her martial arts training included a Brown Belt in Judo and commando style fighting techniques taught to her by Batman. She was also highly adept at Escrima (Philippine stick fighting) probably also taught to her by Batman. She was trained in the use of most of the current Bat paraphernalia such as Batrangs, grappling hooks, swinging techniques, acrobatics, and night fighting.

Equipment and Facilities:
Oracle has access to the best computer technology that Earth’s technology has to offer. Working with WayneTech and Wayne Corporation, she is able to field some of the finest computing power on the planet. Her primary computer is a WayneTech Gray 2000 workstation with 1 GB of RAM and 1 Terabyte of internal storage that connects to her very own mainframe computer that is supercooled in the closet in her apartment. She also has a high speed T3 connection running into her office that connects her to the internet and to other database networks that house her information all over the world. Oracle also possesses the finest security technology that WayneTech can afford to provide her with.

Tracking multiple television, radio, teletype, and internet broadcasts, Oracle has her finger on the pulse of all kinds of news. An extremely competent programmer, she has made it possible for software bots to review online news and search it by keywords when she asks for it, removing the need for her to have to read everything, all the time.

She has multiple uplinks to satellites, microwave transmitters, mobile communications, descramblers, cellular decoders and using the Justice League relay satellites can connect to anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds, assuming there is a connection available to be had. She maintains live connections to several of her operatives such as the Black Canary, and to the Justice League. Between hacking, having friends in high places, and knowing people in every intelligence group in the world, Oracle has gathered some of the finest information about almost everything on the planet. Supported by the computing power given to her by WayneTech and the Justice League, Oracle is slowly but truly becoming the source of all knowledge.

Psychological Profile:
Barbara Gordon is a haunted individual who over-compensates for her disability by trying to know all there is to know and is entirely too hard on herself if she should fail. Fearing to accept support from anyone and wanting to appear as self reliant as possible, she leads a lonely life of denial of human comfort, something that she desperately needs.

Allies: Batman, Robin, Nightwing, Alfred, Commissioner Gordon, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Zauriel, Orion, Barda, Steel, Plastic Man, Green Lantern, Flash

Enemies: Joker

Justice Society of America

The New Justice Society of America

Combat Role: Air support and recon, ranged attack, and damage containment,

Atom Smasher
Combat Role: Central Phalanx (growth, superstrength and damage resistance), hand to hand combat, extended reach

Combat Role: Air support and recon, hand to hand combatant, limited mystic knowledge

Combat Role: Air support, defensive auxillary (limited combat knowledge but durable android body), temporal recon;

Combat Role: Central Phalanx, martial artist, knowledge of the criminal underworld

Black Canary:
Stealth and tactical, Detective skills, martial arts, connection to Oracle

The Flash:
Fast attack and recon, support, crowd control, superspeed,tactical expertise

Offensive/Defensive hardpoint, tactical experience, magical power effects and damage containment

Weapon User, sniper, crowd control, tactical experience, nonliving status

The Star Spangled Kid:
Auxillary Support, energy projection, speed and coordination

Sentinel/Green Lantern: Alan Scott
Alan Scott is the first human to bear the name Green Lantern. Though not a member of the Galactic Peace Keeping force known as the Green Lantern Corps, the power of the green energy of a magical force or being called the Starheart was directed through a ring that was once possessed by Alan Scott in a fashion similar to the GLC. (Even their recharging oaths were more than passingly similar) After the destruction of his ring by Extant, the long-term proximity to the energy has left him able to direct the green flame and its attendant constructs by sheer willpower alone. Alan Scott has aged slower due to the energy of the Starheart and at one point when the ring was no longer needed, reduced his age artificially and appeared to be about 30 years old for a time. Due to the malign nature of the Starheart, Alan Scott gives up much of his power and returns to his normal age but retaining the name Sentinel.He has the ability to focus his will into energy constructs that can affect the environment. He can project energy blasts as fields of concussive force, flame, water or even ice. He can use the power of the Starheart to duplicate the powers of other beings for short times, this allows him to keep up with the Flash, or have the lifting strength of Hippolyta. He has the power to modify spells since the Starheart and its attendant energies are magical in nature. The power allows him to create flying platforms, erect barriers of force, flight, protective fields around himself or others, increase his strength and striking power by directing the construct into a weapon form. Alan tends to utilize archaic weaponry as his force modifier. He will occasionally use the ring for teleportation or other more unusual effects but these seem to be energy intensive or otherwise difficult or he would use them more often. More often than not, Green Lantern is the backbone of the JSA because his powers can be both offensive and defensive and have a wide range of applications. His only real weakness is an inability of the Starheart’s power to affect things made mostly from wood or wood products. Weapons made of wood can pass right through the Green Flame as if it was not there at all.

The Flash: Jay Garrick
Jay Garrick was a student when he was exposed to the fumes of an unknown substance called “hard water”. The actual compound in question is still under analysis and is believed to be only part of the reason that he possesses his powers. Jay Garrick, like most speedsters has a connection to an otherworldly energy called by speedsters “the Speed Force”.

While “the Speed Force” may sound like a ridiculous name, the powers of those who are connected with it are incredible. To date: there have been at least 8 beings who have a connection with the speed force that allows them to access the amazing powers of speedsters. The Speed Force allows speedsters the ability to defy gravity, momentum, and inertia and achieve speeds that approach that of the speed of light, in atmosphere. These beings who are channelling the Speed Force, lose their material nature and enter this otherworldly dimension long before they actually reach light speed, otherwise, they would destroy the Earth in short order by the distortion of the Earth’s atmosphere and environment.

Realize that a speedster approaching light speed can circle the Earth in .134 seconds (that means that a speedster could circle the earth 10 times in one second). This means that speedsters regularly ignore physics with relative impunity, because the bulk of their mass is not in the Earth dimension so they can change direction, vibrate through matter and defy gravity at ease. Jay Garrick is one of the most accomplished speedsters on Earth. Even though his mastery of the actual Speed Force is not as adept as Max Mercury, Zen Guru of Speed, his application of his speed powers is without peer, having the greatest amount of time spent using said powers.

Jay has also used his powers to become quite adept at a number of other disciplines including foreign languages, written and spoken, mathematics, and multiple scientific fields, including chemistry, physics and geography. When reading a whole book can take you only four seconds, you have the time to get quite good at a number of topics. Age has taken a toll upon Jay Garrick, though less than many of his compatriots. The Speed Force probably mitigates this due to relativistic interactions in the Speed Realm. He ages slower because of time spent moving faster, particularly near the speed of light. Jay finds it more difficult to reach the speed of light and has to settle for the sobriquet of the Second Fastest Man Alive.

Starman VII: Jack Knight
Jack Knight’s father, the original protector of Opal City and the first Starman created the Gravity Rod, possibly one of the most powerful man-made technologies on Earth. With the Gravity Rod, Ted Knight, as Starman, was possibly the second or third most powerful member of the JSA. The Gravity Rod allowed him to do a wide variety of things similar to the Omnipower of the Starheart wielded by Green Lantern/Sentinel. These powers include: quantum energy effects such as the negation of gravity for flight or the levitation of other matter (whose weight limits are as yet unknown). The Gravity Rod could channel cosmic and stellar energies in various forms such as concussive blasts, heat, or other radiation emission (as light or other electromagnetic phenomena) or absorption (preventing light from being seen). It could be used to construct powerful barriers of force, able to stop rounds from tanks and small missiles. The true power of the Gravity Rod was rarely seen but could be extrapolated from the feats that it did perform. Jack Knight is the reluctant possessor of the Starman legacy left when his brother died in the job. Jack is an antique dealer and prefers to spend his time working on finding antiques for his store but has grown more fond of his role as Starman and seems to be growing into it as time passes. Jack’s Cosmic Staff is a more powerful version of the Gravity Rod used by Ted Knight.

Black Canary: Dinah Laura Lance
The daughter of the original Black Canary, she was born with an extra set of vocal cords that allowed her the metahuman ability to scream and stun opponents. This power was later lost due to a throat injury. The Black Canary is also a world class detective, ranking perhaps third in the metahuman community after Batman and the Martian Manhunter. Even before the loss of her metahuman power, she was a highly skilled martial artist and outstanding gymnast. She is skilled in the use of all firearms, martial arts weaponry and metahuman tactics. She has a variety of weapons from her relationship with her other partner Oracle. (Oracle, the former Batgirl, Barbara Gordon, works as an information broker for the Batman group of non-metahuman’s including Azrael, Nightwing, Robin, Batman and the new Batgirl as well as the Justice League). She now duplicates her Canary Cry with sonic stun grenades and uses other custom designed equipment when on assignment. She currently wears a bulletproof, fireproof, Nomex-weave bodysuit (curiously enough without protective legwear, an extremely large and vulnerable area, perhaps someone will explain why later). Her lack of metahuman powers has not hindered her performance in her work but her injuries in the line of duty will surely take a toll in later years.

Wildcat: Ted Grant
“Watched by our organization for years, Ted Grant seems to grow better with age. Now a man in his 70’s he is still leaping from rooftop to rooftop, climbing walls, smashing down doors and pounding the living daylights out of the bad guys. This guy is a walking advertisement for exercise and clean living.”
–Cameron Chase

How Ted Grant has maintained his vitality is still a mystery to many. Part of that vitality has to do with the magical energies that were unleashed upon the JSA during the 1945 battle with Ian Karkull. Ted Grant became the Wildcat during his boxing days to clear his name of a murder charge when he was still a heavyweight boxing champion. Undefeated during his reign, he was stripped of his title when his opponent appeared to have died in the ring. Later clearing his name, he joined the JSA during their operative years. After World War II, Ted Grant retired and had not been seen often during that time. Of late, Wildcat has been seen again, and in the same form as his youth. Since he has at least 50 years of martial arts training, he is considered to be one of the best hand to hand combatants alive today. Grant is one of the people that trained Bruce Wayne in hand to hand techniques before he became the Batman.

The Star-Spangled Kid II: Courtney Whitmore
The second bearer of this name, The Star Spangled Kid found the Cosmic Converter belt owned by the original Star Spangled Kid a.k.a. Skyman in a box that was held by her current stepfather, Pat Dugan, the original Stripsey and the sidekick of the original Star Spangled Kid. Disliking her stepfather intensely, she put on the belt and a variation of the Star Spangled Kids costume for a costume party that proceeded to get out of hand. The Kid (Courtne Whitmore) has none of the traits that you desire in a team member. Unsocial, except when she wants to be, difficult to get along with (unless she wants something), and absolutely sure that she is always right. If she survives the experience, she may make for a great member of the JSA. The Cosmic Converter gives her a variety of powers that were similar to the Cosmic Rod, made by the same creator, Ted Knight, but were designed for a more hands on approach to crimefighting. Using the Cosmic Converter, she has increased strength and agility as well as an increased resistance to injury. The belt has previously offered the power of flight and the directed energy powers of all of Ted Knight’s cosmic devices. As the Kid grows more capable of using it, she will probably unleash more of its abilities.

Atom Smasher: Albert Julien Rothstein
Atom Smasher, formerly known as Nuklon, was a charter member of Infinity Inc. a group formed of second generation children of the JSA. Grandson of the supervillain Cyclotron, Atom Smasher inherited some of the powers due to his ancestor’s transformation into a battery of living atomic energy. Patterning himself after his godfather, The Golden Age Atom, Al Pratt, Nuklon, possessed superhuman strength and increased resistance to injury. He was also able to control his molecular density, reducing it to make himself intangible. After repeated exposures to thorium radiation, he has since lost his density reducing capabilities in exchange for the ability to grow in height and increasing his density. He is able to reach a height of 15 feet and grows in weight up to 700 pounds. No one has determined the source of the extra mass but extensive tests at STAR Labs indicates that his body’s density has stabilized. STAR Labs has also provided Atom Smasher with a uniform that expands and contracts with his size changes. This mimetic fabric seems relatively durable and is probably resistant to damage of a conventional nature. He is likely to be the heavy hitter and strongman of the JSA, since he is currently stronger than Hippolyta and Hourman. He has in the past shown the ability to lift approximately 15 tons. With his density increased he will probably able to move even more.

Hawkgirl II: Kendra Shiera Saunders
Little is known about the current Hawkgirl. She does not appear to have any time spent as a crimefighter, but has been trained as one by her grandfather. She is the granddaughter of Speed Saunders and the grandneice of the original Hawkgirl, Shiera Sanders Hall. Trained by Speed, she has excelled in hand to hand combat and the use of archaic weapons. She has recently acquired the Wings and the Belt of Nth metal and has begun training in their use.

Little is known about the Wings and Nth Metal found in the wings and belt but several assumptions have been made from observations of the wearers. It is safe to assume that their flight time is unlimited and do not cause the user fatigue but the user is limited to a certain ceiling of 10,000 feet before the air becomes too cold and thin to support life comfortably. Comfort will probably limit how long the wings can be used before fatigue sets in. No upper speed has ever been attributed to the Nth Metal and since propulsion has never been clearly defined we are estimating about 200 miles per hour is probably the top speed since without respiratory equipment, the user of said wings would have trouble breathing.

Hawkgirl’s role in the JSA seems unclear since she does not have any abilities that they do not already possess. Three of the members already fly, at least two are extraordinary martial artists, three possess variations on superstrength and speed and two possess multipurpose capabilities.

Hourman: no personal name 
Hourman is an android from the year 85,271 A.D. whose software is patterned after the genetic mapping of the Miraclo-enhanced DNA of Rex Tyler, the original Hourman. The android, Hourman was chosen by Metron of the New Gods, to become the heir to the power of the worlogog, a transdimensional, transtemporal device that can control, restructure and manipulate time or cause a variety of temporal effects.

Desiring to find out more about his human ancestry, The android travels back in time and deserts his post as guardian of time. After a disasterous incident in the 20th century which leads to the creation of Solaris, the Tyrant Sun, the android Hourman, then possessing near infinite power and abilities due to his connection with the worlogog, decides to strip himself of all of his temporal powers except for his “Hour of Power”. This was his attempt to prevent accidental uses of his powers due to his inexperience at being human.

The android Hourman possesses the powers of a Miraclo-enhanced Rick Tyler, which included superhuman strength, easily enough to lift 10 tons, speed and resistance to injury. Hourman had the ability to run at speeds of 50 miles per hour for an hour without fatigue and he could perform standing leaps of thirty feet. While he was not bullet-proof, he was highly resistant to concussive injury and was more than apt hand to hand combatant. The new Hourman seems to be proof against small arms as well and has the ability to fly. Android Hourman also possesses a form of temporal prescience that lets him see into the future at times, but because the images are not always linear, he has trouble analyzing them. When using his Power Hour, he can utilize more of his temporal powers to move through time, evolve or devolve a thing or perform other feats of temporal wizardry.

Sand: Sanderson Hawkins 
Sanderson Hawkins was the 1940’s sidekick of the original Sandman, Wesley Dodd, and worked under the codename of Sandy, the Golden Boy. Sandy was the classic kid sidekick of the era, daring, bold and adventurous. As sidekicks went, Sandy was an excellent student and had an excellent teacher. Unfortunately, during an experiment with the Sandman’s experimental Silicoid Gun, Sandy was converted into a silicon-based life form, monsterous in appearance, and after a rampage, was placed in suspended animation because no cure was currently available. Wesley Dodd spent all of his free time working on a cure. Sandy was not cured for 40 years.

After a cure was discovered, Sandy found that he had not aged a day in those 40 years and thus remained a young man. Being the heir to Wesley Dodd’s fortune and technology, (due to patents and inventions of Dodds), allowed Sandy to fund the new JSA. As the new leader of the JSA, Sand is an excellent hand to hand combatant and detective, learning from one of the best of his era, the Sandman. Sand has upgraded the weapons of the original Sandman and his trademark gas pistol and wirepoon launcher. Sand has also inherited Dodds prophetic and precognitive dreaming ability. Sand is not a carbon based life form any longer. What other benefits this may allow him has only to be speculated and whether this will have any other ramifications, only time will tell.

Orion, War Dog of New Genesis

Orion was created by Jack Kirby in 1971 and first appeared in New Gods #1.



Species: New God, Extradimensional being from Apokolips
Height: 6’3″, Weight: 285 lbs, Hair: red, Eyes: blue
Other Aliases:
Group: New Gods
Origin: Apokolips
First appearance: Mister Miracle #1
Known Relatives: Kalibak, half-brother, Steppenwolf, UncleOverview: Orion is the true son of Darkseid. Superhumanly powerful, he was traded with New Genesis, as a child, in a peace effort between New Genesis and Apokolips. Raised as the son of Highfather Izaya, he was taught to control his rage and anger and became the most powerful warrior either world has ever known. Learning how to control his dark nature consumed much of Orion’s youth, but as he grew, his friends among the New Gods and their struggle against the oppression of Darkseid helped him direct his anger. Orion counts among his friends Lightray, Metron, Jezebel, Scott Free, Barda and Forager.
History: Historical references unable to be supplied at this time.Special Powers/Abilities:
The beings of New Genesis call themselves Gods and live outside of normal time and space in a realm called the Fourth World. These New Gods have evolved due to their close proximity to the Source, a primeaval energy, believed to be one of the ultimate foundations of the Universal Expression of Energy, along with their superior technology, into beings of genetic stability and evolutionary perfection. The denizens of New Genesis are stronger, faster, and smarter than homo sapiens, despite their resemblance to the same. It is believed that there is a connection between the Fourth World and the Third World (our universe) but that connection has yet to be completely explored. Since there are physical similarities, perhaps the races of the Fourth World help populate the planets of the Third World at an earlier time in the history of the Universe.

Super Strength: Orion’s primary ability is his superhuman strength, invulnerability, durability and hardiness. Orion is the son of Darkseid and is the second most powerful person ever born on that world after Darkseid. His physical strength is difficult to gauge accurately, but he has fought Superman to a standstill several times in direct physical conflict and has successfuly beaten Darkseid at least once. He is possibly the most powerful humanoid on Earth today. No normal Earth-made barrier or substance can possibly stop Orion if he wishes to enter an area. Few barriers, even in the Fourth World are capable of stopping Orion. Battles that have had Orion at the scene are known to be catastrophically destructive and often have extreme loss of life.

Endurance/Stamina: Orion’s stamina is legendary. Only on Apokolips or New Genesis, are there any beings with the ability to compete with Orion in a conflict of any nature. Bolstered by his rage and his mother box, Orion is a virtually inexhaustible engine of destruction. This does not mean that Orion does not tire. In battles against foes of near equal might, such as Kalibak or Darkseid, Orion has been seen to fatigue, only after hours of continuous combat. The scale at which these beings operate is well above what we have come to expect from terrestrial metahumans.

Radion: Orion and all of the New Gods are vulnerable to a substance called Radion. It source is unknown and its effects are toxic only in sustained amounts or after explosive exposure. The average New God can be slain by an application of Radion from a Radion blaster or bomb. More advanced beings such as Orion, protected by their mother box, armor and sheer toughness, have been known to take two hits and survive. Radion, must be hard to come by, because if it was not, Darkseid would obviously equip more of his troops with it. Perhaps it requires the mysterious Element X to create it.

Psychological intolerant:Orion’s second weakness is a psychological one. He is unable to reconcile his destructive nature with the more gentle teachings of New Genesis. As such, personality traits such as patience or tolerance are in short supply with Orion. Highly intelligent, he simply has no real understanding of what it means to be weaker than someone else and confuses weakness with defenselessness. He will rarely use restraint unless someone is there to remind him to do so, and his initial solution to most problems is to destroy the offending organism, device, creature, parademon, etc. He has recently shown displeasure with being sent to Earth and has had to be physically restrained on more than one occassion.

Weapons and Tools:
The Astro-Harness: an alien artifact of unknown origin even amongst the New Gods. Worn around his waist, shoulder and slung over his feet, it is capable of several abilities and is used exclusively by Orion. The device makes Orion able to fly at speeds up to Mach 6 in atmosphere, or at speeds above 150,000 mph in space. It is unknown whether Orion actually needs the device to protect him from the ravages of interstellar space, but considering his natural durablity, it is unlikely.

Self Repairing: Like much of the technology of New Genesis, the Astro-Harness is capable of self-repair and will repair itself completely as long as any portion of the device exists. This is believed to be from the influence of the Mother Box, because she has a link to the Source and a perfect memory of what the Astro-Harness is, she can recreate it from the native materials available around her.

Astro-force projection: The most potent power of this device is its projection of Positive Astro Force in beams origininating from the hand portions of the harness for small blasts, and from the hands and the chest plate for blasts against inanimate objects, large starships or invulnerable super beings. This weapon is so powerful, it has been used from orbit to attack land dwelling targets or to attack other space craft.

Energy Manipulation: The Astro-harness can also acts as a barrier to attacks directed at Orion, protecting him from injury. It can also absorb stray energy from the environment in order to power itself, in the event that its access to the source has been cut off.

The Mother Box: The true nature of these living computers/beings is unknown. Called Mother Boxes by their users/partners, these beings/devices possess wonderous powers and abilities not understood even by their users. How they came to be involved with the beings of New Genesis is not known. Mother Boxes have sacrificed themselves for causes they have believed in and are greatly respected by the people of New Genesis, speaking of them as loving, living entitites in the shape of a small box worn much like a common day pager on Earth.

Mother Boxes have been seen to: Access the Energy of the Source for various effects, change the gravitational constant of an area, transfer energy from one place to another, control the mental state of a host, communicate telepathically with a host or other life form, manipulate the life-force of a host to sustain it past fatal injuries, open or close boom-tubes, take over and control non-sentient machines, evolve non-sentient machines, merge sentient beings into a single more powerful being, sustain a life form in a hostile environment such as space, and many others. Mother Boxes have an affinity for the Source and are believed to draw their power it.

Orion’s mother box expends much of its energy keeping Orion’s rage in check. When she is not doing that she is maintaining Orion’s link to the Source and directing the energies of his Astro Harness.

Allies: Lightray, Metron, Jezebel, Scott Free (Mister Miracle), Barda, Forager, Lightray, Takion (Highfather), Metron, Superman, Steel, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Zauriel, Aquaman, Flash

Enemies: Darkseid, Granny Goodness, Steppenwolf, Kalibak, Desaad, and anyone who is an enemy of the Justice League. A more detail list of enemies has yet to be collected.

Green Lantern

GREEN LANTERN (Kyle Rayner) was created by Ron Marz and Darryl Banks and first appeared in Green Lantern Vol. 3 #48. He first appeared as Green Lantern in Volume 3, Issue 50.

Species: Human, of Caucasian descent, Height: 5’11”, Weight: 156 lbs., Hair: Black, Eyes: HazelOccupation: Freelance Artist

Group Membership: Justice League of America

Overview: Kyle is a freelance artist, living in New York City. While living in Los Angeles, Kyle was given the last power ring of the Guardians of the Universe by Ganthet. Rayner used his ring successfully against Ohm, and changed the original Green Lantern costume. Kyle later fought Mongul and saved a future Los Angeles from destruction during a Zero Hour incident. His life changed when his girlfriend Alex Dewitt was murdered by Major Force, who was hired by a secret organization to take Kyle’s ring. Kyle was then caught up in the Zero Hour incident, where he, along with many other heroes, saved the universe from being rewritten by Hal Jordan, aka Parallax. Kyle was forced to destroy the planet Oa, the former home of the Guardians, to prevent Hal from getting any more power.

History: The man known as Kyle Rayner has been under survelliance since the beginning of his career as Green Lantern. He is the current owner of what is considered to be, in the right hands, the most powerful weapon in the known universe. Rayner, has been until recently, the only Green Lantern left of the previous Green Lantern Corps. Rayner never served in the old Corps, receiving his ring after the death of the previous Corp and its masters, the Oans.Known Superhuman Powers: Kyle Rayner possesses the normal strength and stamina of a human who engages in moderate regular exercise. He has no superhuman abilities outside of the use of the ring.

Weapons: Green Lantern’s ring, considered by some to be one of the most powerful weapons in the known universe, has the ability to affect and use fundamental forces of the known universe, including electromagnetic energies such as gravity, radiation, heat, light, and powerful blasts of concussive force. It is also theorized that the ring also has a basis in other dimensional energies commonly called magic by users of such energies. The ring can also create fields of force formed from an unknown energy that was bound by the users’ will. The limitations of such use are the skill, knowledge and imagination of the user.The ring worn by Kyle Rayner, possesses numerous powers and abilities. Some of those abilities include:

  • Force Construct Creation: The ring is capable of creating a field of force, that based on the will of the user, is capable of resisting energy discharges and physical energy transfers. This field is generally used to create constructs such as barriers or walls to block or support other structures or forces.
  • Damage Resistant Aura: This life sustaining aura protects the ring wearer from harm. In space, it generates a field of life sustaining atmosphere and protection from harmful radiation, even if the wearer is unconscious. In earlier versions of the rings, the wearer was believed to be able to resist any attack that was not immediately mortal. The only exception to that was attacks based on the color yellow. The newer version of the ring, of which there is only one, is not limited by the color yellow, but does not protect the wearer as efficiently as the earlier version did.
  • Force Projection: The ring can project beams of force powered by the will of the user. Kyle generally uses fanciful constructs in the shape of advanced technology. Their appearance does not indicate the power of the weapon. The weapons power is more an indication of the will of the user. Certain users (i.e. Hal Jordan) have been powerful enough to stagger even Superman.
  • Flight: By the manipulation of anti-gravitons and directed molecular movement, the ring allows the user to fly at incredible speeds. In atmosphere, Green Lantern has been known to fly as fast as Mach 10 in atmosphere by creating an aerodynamic envelope around his body. Towing others, usually within a bubble, his speed is limited to the twice the speed of sound or 1440 mph.
  • Interstellar Flight:In space, Green Lantern’s speed can be significantly greater and has been known to approach 80% of lightspeed in normal space. The ring has the ability to create wormholes and space warps that allow for greater distances to be travelled in less time. Oa, which was rumored to be at the center of the known universe, was said to be able to be reached by a Green Lantern in only a few days of space warp travel.
  • Limited Cellular Regeneration:This ring has a limited ability to heal physical injuries and this seems to be a feature held over from the previous incarnations of the ring. Green Lantern can use the ring to repair minor injuries in himself or others. Speculation has been rendered to wonder if Kyle actually had medical knowledge, that he would be able to cure a wider variety of dysfunctions, beyond normal physical injuries.
  • Electromagnetic Scanning: The ring has a wide range of detection abilities based on the imagination of the user. If Kyle can conceive of it, he can probably detect it. Magical effects like clairvoyance, seem to be beyond the scope of the ring. Most normal electromagnetic phenomena are within the range of the ring, including radio, television, infrared, ultraviolet, and high frequency band communications.
  • Galactic Encyclopedia: The earlier rings worn by the Corps functioned as references for their users. Having the vast knowledge of the Oans to draw upon, each ring functioned as a ready reference on most peoples, stellar events and conditions that may have been seen by other rings or other Green Lanterns. The rings also served as a repository of adventures had by the Green Lantern and these mission reports were stored in the Prime Battery on Oa for review and training.
  • Universal Translator: All versions of the ring allowed the user to communicate with anyone, no matter what language was spoken. The ring allowed for translation as long as the medium for communication was able to be duplicated by the ring, and that the wearer was aware that communication was being attempted. If no common frame of reference existed, it is possible that there could be little communication between the two parties.
  • Weaknesses: This version of the Green Lantern’s ring does not have any direct weaknesses unlike the first versions of the ring. Alan Scott’s version was unable to affect anything made primarily of wood. His ring also had to be recharged every 24 hours or it would lose its powers. The Green Lantern Corps rings were unable to affect anything colored yellow and also had to have a 24 hour recharge. Kyle Rayner’s ring has none of these limitations. It retains a charge until it runs out of power. This variability ensures that Kyle takes a great effort to keep it charged. The other real weakness of the ring is the wearer. If Kyle can be kept from focusing his will, through drug use, neural interference, vertigo or other form of mental incapacitation, then the ring can be rendered useless.

Allies: Justice League of America, Jade, Sentinel, Green Arrow, Donna Troy, Alan Scott, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, Steel, Superman, Supergirl, Superboy, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Zauriel, The Martian Manhunter, Big Barda, Orion, Flash

Enemies: Grayven, Parallax, Darkseid, Sonar, Dr. Polaris

The Flash

The Flash was created by Gardner Fox and first appeared as Kid Flash in (first series) Flash #110 December 1959 – January 1960; (as Flash) Crisis on Infinite Earths #12, March 1986


The Flash III
Real Name: Wallace “Wally” West AKA Kid Flash
Age: 23, Height: 6′, Weight: 175 lbs.
Eyes: Green, Hair: Red
Marital Status: Married to Linda Park (Flash #142 Oct.1998)
Occupation: Adventurer
Known Relatives: Rudolph and Mary West (parents), Iris West Allen (aunt), Barry Allen (uncle)
Group Affiliation: Justice League of America, former member of the Teen Titans
Base of Operations:Keystone City, Kansas

Overview: There is little doubt today that Wally West is considered to be one of the fastest living things on the face of the Earth. There are a few superhumans who can sustain levels of superhuman speed on par with the Flash. Superman, Captain Marvel, and Impulse can reach speeds that can compare with the Flash, but few other than Impulse have the wide range of powers available to the Flash.

History: Flash III Historical ReferenceOrigin of Powers: The Flash derives his speed from the modification of his body by the interaction of the mysterious Speed Force from an unknown dimension of speed. This energy force is believed to have bestown its benefits on a multitude of DC Earth’s speedsters including the Flash’s predecessors, Barry Allen, Jay Garrick and Max Mercury. These speedsters all profess some form of interaction and the level of interaction indicates their relative speed ceilings and capabilities. Most share some or all of the same abilities.

The source of the Flash’s powers, were believed to be derived from the bolt of lightning that struck a rack of chemicals in the lab of his uncle, the previous Flash, Barry Allen. Such an accident had also occurred to Barry Allen and gave him his powers as well. After the death of Barry Allen during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Wally’s speed-derived powers had begun to wane and at one point were completely unreliable. Their loss, believed to be psychological, was due in part to the death of Barry Allen.

After Wally’s adjustment, Wally’s powers began to increase and eventually approach their previous levels. Recently, Wally West has reached new speed plateaus and is actually believed to have passed beyond into the Speed Dimension, the now-believed source of many speedsters powers. After his cross-over into this dimension, Wally seemed to possess all of the powers of his predecessors and a range of abilities never before exhibited by any Flash.


  • Speed Force Aura: The Flash’s body is surrounded by what he calls his “speed force aura”. This aura protects him and anyone who is running with him or carried by him, from the effects of using his speed. This includes friction and airborne particulate matter. It may also protect him from injury from high speed impacts such as punches he delivers and receives from his opponents. He does seem to possess some level of superhuman resistance to injury but this does not extend far past normal physical interactions, as received from normal combat.
  • Molecular Control: The Flash’s powers allow him to perform a number of speed-related feats. The Flash has always possessed the ability to control his speed and angular momentum at the MOLECULAR level, and control his molecular interactions to allow his body to pass through any substance. There have been only a few superdense materials that the Flash has not been able to penetrate with this power. Certain forcefields also seem to negate this power. His power allow him to run along the surface of bodies of water and up the sides of buildings.
  • Increased Perceptions: The Flash possesses the ability to alter his perceptions so that falling objects can appear to be standing still and can be caught and moved back to their normal position. He can do this so quickly as to have it happen invisibly to the normal human eye. The Flash’s reaction time is so increased as to perform feats of speed such as removing the momentum from bullets and fast moving objects thrown at him or at others.
  • Supercharged Brain Activity: The Flash’s mental abilities are also increased in speed, simple computations can be done at lightning speeds, and his ability to perform normal feats at increased speeds has allow him to build hundreds of force field generators in a matter of hours, move sandbags to cover a beach or search an entire area for something as small as a paper clip. Wally can also read as superspeed, but rarely takes advantage of his ability to learn at increased speeds, although, Jay Garrick has done so and has become a jack of all trades in several disciplines and languages.
  • Super Speed Running: It appears that the Flash may run at any speed that he thinks is possible, but there may be physical limits to his speed. Theorectically, speeds greater than Mach 10, are dangerous to the people and to the environment. This speed would still be the equivalent to approximately 128 miles per second; allowing him to cross the United States in about 23 seconds, or circle the world in about 3 minutes. The Flash rarely achieves such speed in populated areas due to the effects of sonic disruptions and air displacements. His cruising speeds are probably around 90-150 miles per hour (1.5 – 2.5 miles per second). This is fast enough to move through most cities and around people without causing too much disruption to the population and slow enough for him to register everything he sees clearly. If he choses, Wally can approach the speed of light, and doing so, enters the Speed Force dimension. If he chooses to continue to run at light speed, he can use the Speed Force dimension for a form of haphazard Time Travel.
  • Sharing the Force: Since his interaction with the Speed Force, he may also lend his speed and angular momentum to another object or person. This may allow others to run alongside with the Flash. He may still allow his molecular structure to pass through object but now after he passes through an object, the object is now supercharged with a chaotic energy, and explodes seconds after his passing through it. His range of powers seems to have been increased significantly and he is now the fastest Flash to have ever lived. If he shares the Speed Force with another meta with superspeed capabilities such as Superman, that metahuman can now exceed the speed of light but does not become aware of the Speed Dimension.
  • Speed Feats: The Flash can also perform a variety of superspeed feats such as:
    • He can strike a single opponent hundreds of times in a second or multiple opponents two or three times in a second.
    • He can disarm, or jam any number of opponents weapons before they are even aware of his movement.
    • Hurl small projectiles at hypersonic velocities.
    • Pluck speeding projectiles from the air.
    • The creation of wind based vortecies that can act as barriers to movement, funnels for toxic gasses, or vacuum chambers.
    • He can spin his arms to create directed funnels of hurricane speed air that can knock down barriers or reduce the speed of a falling object. Now with his control of inertia, he can probably reduce the speed of a falling object directly by applying the speed force in reverse, to leech momemtum from the object.
    • He can run across bodies of water, up the sides of buildings, and by spinning like a helicopter, he can even perform a limited kind of flight. Since his power is a quantum/molecular phenomenon, it is theoretically possible for the Flash to be able to fly just as other metas do, (and there have been other flying speedsters in the past, such as the deceased Johnny Quick,) because he can control his absolute molecular energy and direction and force it in the direction he wished to move without running.
    • He can also impart molecular energy to a target to increase molecular movement, as he did against the water being called Flow, boiling him into steam for a short time.

Allies: Jay Garrick/Flash I, Bart Allen/Impulse, Max Mercury, Jesse Quick, John Fox/Future Flash, Iris Allen, Linda Park, Pied Piper, Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, Zauriel, Big Barda, Orion Green Lantern.

Enemies: Abra Kadabra, Captain Boomerang, Cobalt Blue, Gorilla Grodd, Mirror Master, Reverse Flash, Savitar, Trickster, Vandal Savage

Steel (inactive)

Steel was created by Louise Simonson and Joe Bogdanove. Steel’s first appearance was in Man of Steel #22 and later in his own Steel #1.



Species: Human, of African American descent, Height: 6’3″, Weight: 225, Hair: Black, Eyes: Dark BrownOther Aliases: The Man of Steel

Origin: Dr. John Henry Irons is publically known as Steel, an engineer, inventor, and ballistics expert who made a small fortune desiging weapons for AmerTek, a military contractor. When weapons of Irons’s design fell into the hands of terrorists, he faked his own death and went into hiding in Metropolis. Most of his time was spent working in high steel and developing a flying suit of armor until the fateful day he was rescued by Superman. Inspired by Superman, Irons decided to do right by him, and even attempted to aid him in his fatal battle with Doomsday. After the death of Superman, Irons became known as the Man of Steel, using his flying prototype that he had created earlier. Dr. John Henry Irons is a man in excellent physical and mental condition, who engages in intensive, regular exercise.

Overview: Dr. Irons strong moral fibre and integrity has made him quite famous among the metahumans that he works with and his dedication to his family has proven to be a hallmark of his character. As a well known scientist and physicist, Dr. Irons has very few peers in his realm of physics, engineering and ballistics and his recent exposures to the technologies of New Genesis/Apokolips, Rann, Prometheus, Amazon Island and most recently the 853rd Century, means that he will continue to excel at his craft of creating high technology and being the prime technologist for the Justice League of America.Education: It is obvious that Dr. Irons possesses several degrees in Physics, Quantum Physics, Advanced Energy Physics, Temporal Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering, and Robotics. It is likely that he has even more education than can be currently assessed by the creation of his powered armor.

Known Powers: When Armored: Height: 7’0″, Weight: 1,200 lbs. Steel’s powers vary in accordance with what hardware is currently available to him. He has modified the original weapons systems and suit several times since its debut and continues to refine its abilities. With his engineering, physics and ballistics knowledge, it is conceivable that the suit may potentially possess even greater power in the future. Currently it possesses the following abilities:

  • Enhanced Strength: As noted, Steel is a normal human being who is in excellent physical condition, and who engages in intensive, regular exercise. Without his armor he can lift approximately 650 pounds. With his powered armor increasing his strength as much as 15 times, Steel’s enhanced strength is quite considerable. He has been seen to lift and throw for short distances objects weighing as much as 5 tons. It would seem that greater strength would be possible, but would require re-engineering the support structures of the suit. As it is, the servo-motor systems that power the suit seem to be able to function at peak efficiency for approximately 2-3 days without any need for recharge. The current source of power is also unknown, but believed to already be patented by Dr. Irons.
  • Resistance to Injury: The suit’s ability to impart a resistance to physical injury was quite considerable before the addition of the inertial dampening field. It is, theoretically, composed of molynbeum steel-titanium alloy infrastructure, overlayed with ridges of plated steel to reinforce vital areas. Small arms fire was generally not a threat but larger firearms could prove dangerous. All of the suits have performed admirably considering the opponents. These include the Cyborg Superman and Metallo, both considered to be highly dangerous opponents, even for Superman.
  • Rivet Cannon: This short range weapon has fired red-hot rivets similar to rivets used in construction. This weapon was chosen as a less lethal device in place of far more dangerous weapons that Dr. Irons had created. (See Toastmasters). As the weapon has seemed relatively ineffective, his choice of this weapon seems more dubious. Steel has used this weapon, less and less and we expect that this weapon will be replaced by something more utilitarian in the future.
  • Magno-Gravimetric Flight Capability: With what are probably his greatest creations, the flight protocols for his armor are every engineers dream. His flight is made possible by two means. The creation of a limited anti-graviton/magno-repulsion field, the source for this field is currently unknown. This field polarizes him against the Earth’s gravitational pull. This field is not enough, however to allow flight but does allow for the thrusters housed in his boots to give him the semblance of flight. (And perhaps under the right conditions to leap farther than normal). The distance that can be travelled before refueling is unknown but Steel has made a documented trip of at least 1,500 miles before touching down again. It has been determined, by observation, that Steel can reach speeds just short of the speed of sound, which is 700+ miles per hour. Since the power source for his suit is currently unknown, STAR Labs cannot further determine how the suit’s flight capabilities function at a detailed level. Further analysis will continue.
  • Inertial Dampening Field In his suit’s most recent incarnation, he has opted to reduce the physical strength of the suit in exchange for an inertial dampening field. This field would increase his resistance to injury from physical attacks. What this reduction in strength will mean in his performance remains to be seen. This will probably allow him to take more punishment from environmental and physical attacks, and since Steel tends to rely on his brain not his brawn, perhaps he feels, high levels of super-strength will be unnecessary.
  • Computerized Communications and Scanning Array (CCSA) This technology is integral to the armor’s technological advantages. The onboard computer comes equipped with high density, flash memory protocols for suit operation, including weapons management, power management, gyroscopic balancing, and analysis of electromagnetic phenomemna. This analysis array is directed by a wave-emmiter bound to the S logo and including weapons analysis and EM field analysis, remote program analysis, rewriteable operating system protocols, assumingly of Dr. Irons designs, remote communication and reception of all normal radio, satellite and cellular communication bands. The armor can also receive signals on classified bands such as the Air Traffic Controller wavelengths and the NASA communication protocols. It can be supposed that the armor is also capable of communicating with the National Defense Commands of the United States as Dr. Irons clearance allows. The onboard computer can be attacked either with viruses or electromagnetic pheonomena that will temporarily override the suits operation for 30 seconds while the system reboots. This reboot does not stop motor operations and Steel retains control of the armor unless the attack damages the boot level operation protocols which are separate from the operating system proper.
  • External Weapon: Voice Activated/Controllable Hammer:Steel’s original hammer was just a physical extension of his strength, to which, he did use to great effect. In recent battles, Steel has found himself outclassed by his metahuman opponents and decided to increase the technology found in his hammer. His current hammer has the ability to increase it’s kinetic energy the further away it is thrown. At a distance up to 20 yards, it can stop a car, 30 yards, a truck, 60 yards, a tank, at distances greater than 60 yards, its destructive capacity rivals that of Superman for damage dealing capabilities. The hammer is also voice controlled and its flight is programmable.
  • Inertial Damage Field with Hammer: This hammer can also store the energy it has gathered along its flight path within the kinetic field and release it on contact with a target, even if its flight is interrupted by a command. It is unknown how long this device can store such energy. This device appears to have the ability to temporarily disrupt temporal/kinetic energy in a localized field and manipulated it for limited effects such as energy transfer based on a linear distance travelled. We suspect that such technology is alien in origin and its owner and manufacturer bear watching because of it. Its power source is also unknown.

Allies: Superman, Supergirl, Superboy, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Zauriel, The Martian Manhunter, Big BardaEnemies:

Martian Manhunter

The Martian Manhunter was created by Joe Samachson and Joe Certa and first appeared in Detective Comics #225 (November, 1955)

Species: Martian, from Mars, Sol System, Height: 6’7″, Weight: 300 lbs, Hair: None, Eyes: black

Other Aliases: John Jones, Jon Jonzz, Johann Johnson, Marco Xavier, and others
Place of Birth: Mars
Base of Operations: Z’onn Z’orr, Antarctica
Group Membership(s): Founding member of all incarnations of the Justice League of America, formally head of the Justice League Task Force.

Overview: The Martian Manhunter is possibly the most powerful extra-terrestrial living on the Earth today with the exceptions of Superman and Orion of New Genesis. His array of powers and abilities equals and in some cases exceeds even the Man from Krypton’s powers. His physical powers are not quite the equal of Superman’s but he makes up with mental abilities, invisibility, and shapeshifing abilities, making him a much more capable operative in covert operations.

History: see historical database The Unofficial Definitive Guide to the DC Universe – Martian Manhunter Historical Reference

Skills: The Martian Manhunter’s sound reasoning capabilities and long term association Earth’s global population, gives him an edge in dealing with humans of diverse governments, cultures and religions. In the northern hemisphere, the Martian Manhunter is one of many costumed adventurers battling against entropy. In the southern hemisphere of Earth, the Martian Manhunter is more well known than Superman. Considered the scourge of the underworld because of his dedication to truth and improving the lot of humanity everywhere, he is feared by underworld criminals worldwide. His noted skills include:

  • Highly developed detective skills
  • Advanced reasoning and logic capabilities
  • Excellent human relations skills
  • Fluent in many Earth languages
  • Highly developed empathic abilities

Source of Powers:

  • The Martian Manhunter’s powers come from his entirely alien physiology. Born of a Mars over a millenia ago, from a super advanced civilization, boasting advanced technology and genetic modifications over its people, the Martian Manhunter would appear to be a genetically, modified being with incredible powers stemming from the changes made in his body. Whether this is their natural state or an advanced state given to only a few individuals is unknown.
  • The Martian’s physiology would seem to be composed of a complex molecular chain that resembles polymer bonds but with the ability to be altered at will. The mass cannot be affected but the color, relative shape, (as long as its relatively humanoid) and size, (nothing smaller than 4 feet, or taller than 9 feet), imitating even clothing if desired. The bio-polymer is extremely flexible, durable, incredibly strong for a biological material and apparently self-sustaining. No one has ever seen the Martian Manhunter eat, except for reasons of politeness.

Physical Powers

  • Super Strength: The Martian’s superhuman strength comes from his plasmorphic structure formed from immensely long and complex molecular chains, augmented with his psionic and telekinetic abilities allowing him to lift incredible weights without these weights crumbling under the stress. The Martian has been seen lifting small tankers out of the ocean for short distances. By modifing the density of these bio-polymers, the Manhunter can make himself stronger by forcing the polymers into tighter bundles. At a rest state, the Manhunter can lift approximately 20 tons. Given a few minutes to reconfigure, he could match Superman pound for pound for about a minute. Then the bio-polymer would begin to suffer under the strain and begin to unravel. While the Manhunter’s strength can be on par with Superman and he lacks the long term endurance and stamina of the Kryptonian. This probably has to do with the Kryptonian’s storage and creation of MetaATP which the Martian biology would not have developed being so far from the Earth’s sun.
  • Flight: The Martian Manhunter flies by manipulation of gravitons (a subatomic particle associated with the force of gravity) manipulation of magnetic fields and control of his absolute molecular movement (a telekinetic effect). These combine to give him the ability to fly great distances with little fatigue and at great speed. He has been seen to fly at speeds up to 10 times the speed of sound in the Earth’s atmosphere. Speeds faster than this cause great environmental damage and are avoided unless absolutely necessary. Not needing to breathe, his bio-polymorphic skin and overall toughness make these speeds bearable and cause him no lasting injury. The Manhunter has also been seen to fly in space with no difficulty. Noting his methods of flight, he should be able to be detected with any technolgy that can detect graviton emissions.
  • Limited Invulnerability: The Manhunter’s invulnerability is no where near what Superman’s is, as proven by the battle against Doomsday. Doomsday, defeated the entire Justice League with a single blow for each member. Overall, the bio-morphic structure of the Manhunter’s body allows him to absorb most kinetic energies such as bullets, shrapnel or flying debris. Attacks of a nature greater than that, he can harden his bio-polymers by rebinding them and become nearly 10 times as resistant to damage as steel. Hazardous environments effect the Manhunter less than normal humans and he seems to recover from them much more quickly. He has proven to be immune to most human diseases, but no experimentation has been done to see what more advance viruses such as ebola or anthrax might have. Despite his invulnerability, fire cause the Manhunter to recoil and is claimed to reduce his invulnerability considerably.
  • Martian Vision: The actual nature of this power seems to vary depending on the reports. It has been seen to be a bolt of force, directed by the Manhunter’s eyes causing considerable damage, equivalent to 50-100 lbs of TNT. It has also been seen to cause flammable objects to catch fire. The range of this power is also unknown but has been seen to be effective at ranges of 500 feet or more. Judging from the infrequency of use, it must have a high energy cost or reduce the Martian’s effectiveness in some way.
  • Limited Shapeshifing Abilities: The most incredible of the powers of the Manhunter is the ability to shapeshift. He is able to literally control the molecular structure of his body’s bio-polymer and make it resemble anything he wants. He can form clothing, weapons with nonmoving or nonfunctioning parts (so he could form a sword from his body’s mass and it would work, but a gun would not, unless he was carrying some ammunition with him.) There does not seem to be any limit to the number of people the Manhunter can imitate and has stood in as a double for many famous people. His ability to imitate people and their mannerisms has stood him in good stead for his disguises (not to mention that his telepathy helps him get a disguise to be as authentic as possible, since he can pull the information directly from the mind of whomever is viewing him). It is rumored that he could change his shape in more fantastic ways but has yet to be substantiated.
  • Invisibility: The Manhunter can cause the bio-polymers in his body to lose their abililty to reflect light, rendering the Manhunter invisible to normal light and human sight. With more increased concentration, he can render himself more invisible along the electromagnetic spectrum, including the infrared and the ultraviolet ranges of the spectrum. Such increase range, however, reduces the amount of time he can maintain his invisibility. This invisibility does not affect other senses and he could still be detected by sound, smell or touch.
  • Intangibility: No physical explanation of this power make sense except that it is an aspect of his psionic powers shifting his mass into another dimension or out of vibrational phase with other objects in this dimension. Whichever it is, it has been seen rarely and believed to be difficult to maintain for extended periods.

Mental Powers

  • Telepathy: The Manhunter is considered a Class 3 telepath. He is able to read the mind of any normal human with no difficulties, assuming that human is not insane, of normal willpower and has received no special telepathic block training. Given a few seconds to concentrate, he can even read their subconscious mind as well. He can read a normal mind over distances of even a mile, if he knows where the target is located. He can use his telepathy with minds that he is familiar with anyplace in the world, as long as he was attuned to that person in the first place. This telepathy extends to distances as far away as the moon, since it is known that the Martian Manhunter can communicate with Earth with his telepathy. It is not known whether there is a limit to the number of people he can be attuned to or whether there are any special requirements to being attuned to him. In addition to reading minds, the Martian Manhunter can literally reprogram the mind of a subject into believing whatever he wants them to. He can use this ability to help subjects forget things that he does not want them to remember as well as set up post-hypnotic suggestions. How long such mental conditioning lasts is unknown.
  • Thought Sensing: The Manhunter can use the mental signature of a being to track it and can detect lifeforms by their empathic as well as telepathic signatures. He can detect whether a being is intelligent and can communicate with it empathically if it does not have a communication driven frame of reference for normal telepathy to function with. He can also detect various states of mind from anywhere in the world of the general populace in that area.
  • Telepathic Relay: As a Class 3 telepath, the Manhunter is able to use his telepathic prowess as a relay station for a group of minds, who can then “speak” to each other through him. This relaying ability seems to be limited to the same range as the Manhunters normal telepathic range.
  • Telepathic Assault: The Martian Manhunter can also use his telepathic abilities in an offensive manner. He has the ability to cause mental shutdown in a target using his mental powers. This effect has a duration of about an hour and unless the target possesses mental powers of their own, do not seem to be able to resist the attack. The Manhunter does not use this power often due to the invasive nature and harshness of such a telepathic attack. Using this power also drains him considerably and reduces his telepathic effectives for a time.


  • Fear of Fire: The Martian Manhunter has a psychosomatic fear of fire. It is unknown what the source of this fear is, whether it is a personal fear or a cultural fear, but whichever it is, it is a paralytic fear with the Manhunter. Exposure to fire, causes him to lose his powers, and in the case of extreme fire, to lose his control over his biomorphic form. The Manhunter is more vulnerable in this form and can take damage in this vulnerable state.
  • Vulnerability to Nervous System agents: because his body depends on his intact nervous system to maintain is bio-morphic shape, if his nervous system is interrupted, disrupted or damaged in some way, he loses control over his body and reverts to a gelatinous state.

Allies: Superman, Steel, Batman, Flash, Orion, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Zauriel, Aquaman, Big Barda

Enemies: Prometheus, Anyone who is an enemy of the Justice League. A more detail list of enemies has yet to be collected.


Superman was created by Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel and first appeared in Action Comics #1 in the year 1938.


  Species: Kryptonian (extraterrestrial), Height: 6’3″, Weight: 225, Hair: Black, Eyes: BlueOther Aliases: The Krypton Man, Superman Blue, Superman Red, Gangbuster
Origin: From the planet Krypton. Parent star believed to be a red giant within 30 to 100 light years from Earth.
Base of Operations: Metropolis
Group Membership Justice League of AmericaOverview: The being called Superman appears to be a human male approximately 26 to 35 years of age. His actual age and aging process is indeterminate. In actuality, Superman is a highly advanced, genetically enhanced or modified, sentient life form from the planet Krypton. As far as we are aware, he claims to be the last of his race, though variants are believed to exist, q.v. Daxamites. While possessing a human appearance, at the cellular level, he is quite different than Humanity.
History: Appearing approximately 10 years ago, in the city of Metropolis, little is publically known about the being called Superman. First seen in Metropolis rescuing a space plane from crashing into the city, he has become a regular fixture of the Metroplis skyscape, rescuing the city from one disaster or another, upto apparently sacrificing his life against the extrastellar menace of Doomsday, a few years ago. Some of this data is compiled from before his “death” but much more has been compiled afterwards.Known Powers: Superman’s cellular structure is more dense, resiliant and biologically more effective than human tissue. Strangely enough, he does not seem to possess superhuman strength levels despite his enhanced cellular ability. Without constant exposure to solar energy, his strength seems on par for a human of his height and weight. He does possess several organs whose functions are not yet disclosed or understood but are believed to be part of and perhaps even the source of his biomatrix force field and reclaimation aura. Superman has manifested a wide range of metahuman abilities and from our studies is considered to be one of the most powerful metahumans on Earth at the present time. The catalog of powers he possesses is vast. He can defy gravity, move at superhuman speeds, has an incredible reaction time and superhuman reflexes to match, lift incredible weights, is almost invulnerable to conventional injury, possesses superhuman sensory and powerful energy projection capabilities. Superman’s body also stores energy actively within his bio-cellular matrix as an energy pattern that is linked to his body’s electromagnetic field. This energy powers most of Superman’s electromagnetic capabilities such as flight, telekinesis, and heat vision. It also supplements his physical strength by a factor of 12,000 times or so.

Invulnerability: Superman is nearly invulnerable to weapons used by normal humans in warfare and we believe that, fully powered, he could survive a near-direct nuclear strike with a ten megaton warhead. In his battle with Doomsday, he was the of the only metahumans able to hold his own against the creature. The battle eventually destroyed over half of Metropolis. He can survive in an environment completely devoid of atmosphere and suffer no ill effects, provided that he carries his own air resources He can operate for periods of up to 30 minutes without air. Extremes of heat and cold have no effect on him and he has been see to skirt the photosphere of the sun (10,000,000 degrees F) with no long term side effects, probably due to a feedback loop of solar energy powering his biomatrix field.

Super Strength: He can lift incredible weights and objects and not have them collaspe under their own weight, indicating a powerful form of telekinesis that surrounds the object protecting it from outside stresses. The upper limit to his physical strength is not known but with the telekinetic lifting capabilities possessed by Superman, he could conceivably lift objects weighing 100,000 tons or more. It is conceivable that he could lift more if he was completely powered and using all of his stored energies.

Energy Projection: He may project beams of force that have the ability to reach temperatures of 11,000 degrees F, sufficient to melt steel in seconds. He may also exercise some control of his telekinetic-like abilities with a feat he calls his superbreath. He may push objects down or move them back. He manifests this effect by blowing outward but even with his superior lung capacity, we believe it has more to do with a psionic manifestation of his telekinesis than with actual lung capacity.

Super Senses: He also possess a superior sensory arrangement of microscopic, telescopic, infrared and ultraviolet visual capabilities. Star Laboratories has not been able to complete define how Superman has been able to utilize his powerful senses, part of the mechanism is physical, part of it is believed to be psionic in nature. He can also hear in a range equal to that of the best natural or man-made sensors. His hearing is so acute and precise he can detect a whisper at 500 yards. He may also extend his hearing into the infra and ultrasonic ranges. How his senses can be so acute and so excellently calibrated is as yet unknown.

Superspeed: Superman is capable of enhanced reflex action and the ability to move at incredible speeds by sheer force of will. He is not quite as fast as the Flash and cannot achieve lightspeed under his own power, but can reach a high speed percentage of lightspeed in normal space. Superman can match most other speedsters in their ability to perform superfast movements, reactions, and processes. He can use this power to disarm opponents without heightened reflexes, catch bullets or shrapnel or cross vast distances in seconds. He has been seen flying from the Moon to the Earth in under 2 minutes. That is the equivalent of 2000 miles per second or 1% the speed of light. The source of this power remains unexplained.

Flight: Superman is able to manipulate psionically, graviton particles, in an unknown and apparently unconscious manner, to defy the forces of gravity. Under one Earth gravity, Utililizing molecular motion, Superman is capable of Mach speeds in excess of Mach 10 in atmosphere. He has been seen to fly to the moon in minutes so we can assume that he can fly faster than that outside of atmospheric interference. His control of his flight is perfect and he can perform aerobatic feats such as hovering, flying backwards and even lifting great weights while flying. We assume that he also manipulates gravitons for the object being lifted as well.

Sources of Powers: Superman seems to have two primary sources of energy. The first is that Superman’s cellular structure is suffused with specialized cells, organelles and organs whose function seems to be the storage of the radiant energy in multiple formats. It is unknown if this is a part of the normal Kryptonian physiology or was added due to their scientific advancements in biomodifications. One of these formats is a superdense cellular protein that can be broken down and turned back into biological energy. This metaprotein is what powers Superman’s long-term endurance and is restored slowly. The second is Superman’s bio-aura that acts as effective an energy containment device as ever seen in nature. This field is constantly reclaiming stray electromagnetic energies from the environment and converting them into this cellular protein (for the remainder of this report it shall be called Meta-ATP). The energy for the meta-energy protein in Superman’s body is captured by his biological electromagnetic reclaimation aura. This invisible (to the naked eye) structure acts as a radiant energy collector that creates an energy-retentive skintight force field capable of absorbing and converting cosmic radiation (solar, radiant and electromagnetic energies). One aspect of the energy gathered by this field is that there is almost no electromagnetic waste. This biomatrix recycles almost all of its radiation-harnessed energies. Otherwise, Superman would glow with a distinctive signature, easily detected by others, whenever he uses his powers.

Weaknessess: Kryptonite, the radioactive material from the core of Krypton also possesses the ability to displace electromagnetic energies within Superman’s bioaura and quickly reduce his ability to access his powers. With enough exposure, we believe that Kryptonite will even kill Superman by causing his body to metabolize the dangerous radiation as he would any other radiant energy and poison him. Superman could also be vulnerable to radioactive energies that are extremely specific, radiations that damage him without powering his bioaura. With that information, and further study, we might find a way of stopping Superman in the event that Kryptonite was unavailable for use. See Krypton Protocols for further information.

Magic: Superman’s biomatrix is his most powerful asset, but the strength of this field is also its greatest weakness. It’s permeability to certain wavelengths makes Superman vulnerable to certain radiations, particularly magical energies whose chaotic electromagnetic or extradimensional signatures disrupt this forcefield. Superman’s vulnerability to magic varies on the special effects of the magic. No magic seems to be able to directly destroy him unless it comes from a semi-divine or divine source. He can be injured and worn down by magical entities. Magic can have powerful and unpredictable effects on Superman and his magical enemies have often proven to be the most dangerous.

High Energy Attacks or Radiation: High energy radiations of a particular wavelength can also cause injury by overloading the field at a single point, hence the reason he can be harmed by high energy weapons such as blasters, lasers and plasma weapons. Kinetic kill weapons with sufficient force can also overload the field at that point.

Allies: John Henry Irons a.k.a. Steel, Supergirl, Superboy, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Zauriel, The Martian Manhunter, Big Barda, Flash, Oracle

Enemies: Lex Luthor, Doomsday, Brainiac, Darkseid, Metallo, The Cyborg, Mr. Mxyzplk

Big Barda (inactive)

Big Barda was created by Jack Kirby in 1971 and first appeared in New Gods Vol 1 and Mister Miracle (first series) #4 (Sept/Oct-1971)

Big Barda


Species: New God, Extradimensional being from Apokolips
Height: 7’0″, Weight: 300 lbs, Hair: black, Eyes: blue
Other Aliases: Big Barda, Barda, the Strongest Woman in the World
Group: Former member of the Female Furies, Gods of New Genesis, Justice League of America
Origin: Apokolips
First appearance: Mister Miracle #1
Known Relatives: Big Breeda (mother), Scott Free (husband)Overview: Big Barda is a warrior from the planet Apokolips, raised and bred for battle. Armed with her city destroying Mega-rod, her enigmatic motherbox and her near-divine nature, Barda battles to protect the Earth, from her once-patron and now mortal enemy, Darkseid.

Barda has been recently sent back to Earth to control the extremely powerful and emotionally unstable Dog of War, Orion, Son of Darkseid. She and Orion have been sent to Earth by the new Highfather, Takion, to protect the Earth from an as yet unknown menace and have allied themselves with the new Justice League and bringing their fierce combative natures, incredible power and advanced technology to the League.History: First child to one of Darkseid’s special breeders, Barda was stolen from her mother and placed into a generation matrix to enhance her already extraordinary birthright as a member of the New Gods. Further trained in the firepits of Apokolips, first as a dog soldier of Darkseid and later as an elite member of the fearsome Female Furies, and then lead by the tyrannical Granny Goodness, Barda came to be known as the fiercest warrior that Granny Goodness had ever created. Later, fallling in love with and marrying the super escape artist, Scott Free, also known as Mister Miracle, Barda retired from the life of a warrior and settled into a quiet life away from battle. Life as a housewife did not last long as the two were constantly drawn back into the fray against the machinations of Darkseid and eventually the two returned to New Genesis to live.Special Powers/Abilities:
The beings of New Genesis call themselves Gods and live outside of normal time and space in a realm called the Fourth World. These New Gods have evolved due to their close proximity to the Source, a primeaval energy, believed to be one of the ultimate foundations of the Universal Expression of Energy, along with their superior technology, into beings of genetic stability and evolutionary perfection. The denizens of New Genesis are stronger, faster, and smarter than homo sapiens, despite their resemblance to the same. It is believed that there is a connection between the Fourth World and the Third World (our universe) but that connection has yet to be completely explored. Since there are physical similarities, perhaps the races of the Fourth World help populate the planets of the Third World at an earlier time in the history of the Universe.

Super Strength: Barda’s super strength comes from her heritage as a member of New Genesis, where all of the people of that realm are genetically superior to normal humans in their physical characteristics. She was later augmented by Darkseid to further increase her strength and stamina twenty-fold. Barda’s strength is nearly on the order of Wonder Woman’s lifting weights weighing nearly fifty tons.

Endurance/Stamina: Barda’s superhuman endurance has been trained by being a dog soldier of Apokolips and later the leader of the Female Furies. Barda’s physiology allows her to process her biological wastes more efficently and as such can function at her peak efficiency for a much longer time than a normal human. With her advanced combat training, she is superior to even members of the New Gods who have not received such training.

Weapons and Tools: The Mega-Rod: Barda’s signature weapon, no other has ever been seen. Its origin is unknown, and its powers are vast and numerous. It’s primary ability is to project energy (of an unknown nature and origin) against whatever Barda hits with the Mega-Rod. The amount of damage able to be done has been sufficient to demolish an entire building. 
She may also use it to project beams of force, sufficient to drive back even Orion, the most fearsome of the New Gods. It has been seen to create crude barriers of force, absorb energies directed at it or its wielder, and to create the interdimensional gateways called Boom-Tubes used by the dwellers in New Genesis/Apokolips dimension to visit this one. A boom-tube may also be used to travel within this dimension if the traveller knows both locations or has a Mother Box in the other location to lock onto.

The Mother Box: The true nature of these living computers/beings is unknown. Called Mother Boxes by their users/partners, these beings/devices possess wonderous powers and abilities not understood even by their users. How they came to be involved with the beings of New Genesis is not known. Mother Boxes have sacrificed themselves for causes they have believed in and are greatly respected by the people of New Genesis, speaking of them as loving, living entitites in the shape of a small box worn much like a common day pager on Earth.

Mother Boxes have been seen to: Access the Energy of the Source for various effects, change the gravitational constant of an area, transfer energy from one place to another, control the mental state of a host, communicate telepathically with a host or other life form, manipulate the life-force of a host to sustain it past fatal injuries, open or close boom-tubes, take over and control non-sentient machines, evolve non-sentient machines, merge sentient beings into a single more powerful being, sustain a life form in a hostile environment such as space, and many others. Mother Boxes have an affinity for the Source and are believed to draw their power it.

Allies: Mister Miracle, Orion, Lightray, Takion (Highfather), Metron, Superman, Steel, Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Zauriel, Aquaman

Enemies: Darkseid, Granny Goodness, Steppenwolf, Kalibak, Desaad, and anyone who is an enemy of the Justice League. A more detail list of enemies has yet to be collected


ANARKY was created by Alan Grant and first appeared in Detective Comics #608.

Lonnie Machin is only 16 years old but as Anarky, he is not to be underestimated. He has travelled to Apokalips under his own power, using a device he created himself, a feat rarely duplicated. He has confronted Darkseid and lived to tell the tale. He has summoned demons and bound them to his will. He has tapped the computers of the Batman and other government agencies. Fortunately for us at the DEO, Anarky is just a boy, and a boy can be controlled or killed if he gets out of line.

Real Name: Lonnie Machin
Other Aliases: Anarky
Occupation: Stock Analyst, Adventurer
Legal Status: Juvenile record at age 12
Place of Birth:Gotham
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: (adoptive) Mike and Roxanne Machin; (birth) mother – Linda Penman; father (unknown)
Group Affiliations: None
Base of Operations: Washington, D.C.
Height: 6′
Hair: red, worn long
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 155 lbs.
Age: Approximately 16 Overview:Lonnie Machin is a man on a mission. Lonnie Machin is a young man of strong convictions, backed by the genius and perhaps the madness to see them to their logical conclusion. A very young man with a very old mission. To make the world a just, orderly, place. To allow people to have dignity, and be free from the parasites that control our society, particularly the rich who squander without conscience and the politicians who control with consequence. He has taken the identity of Anarky, a working man’s hero, who fights for the rights of the common man.
Historical References: Lonnie Machin was a well adjusted, highly intelligent teenager. After the death of a penpal in a foreign country, Lonnie began reading more political and philosophical books in an effort to understand government and politics. His studies would take him through a maze of political writings from the dawn of time to the present.

After a reading of the extremely controversial book “Universe” by Skudder Klyce, Lonnie decided that government in its current form was the reason for the dysfunction of this nation and that anarchy, government by the people, particularly making an individual responsible for his actions and improving his society by personal choice, was the true goal of intelligent people. Taking a page from a local vigilante, The Batman, Lonnie decided to be Anarky, a voice for the common man, tackling those criminals that were too high up the food chain to be touched by common laws.

Putting his intelligence to work, Lonnie created a costume for himself but realizing that he was too small to inspire fear, created a rig to modify his appearance so that he looked a head taller than he was. A dark red robe, wide-brimmed hat with an “A” on the chest was his working outfit. Creating a shockrod and a swingline, Lonnie took to the streets as Anarky.

Taking on the guise of Anarky proved to be a difficult task for the 12 year old and after his first outings he ran afoul of the Batman and was eventually captured for his troubles. However, not before revealing a prominent musician was a drug dealer and a corporate CEO was a toxic waste dumper. His media broadcast of these revelations eventually led to his undoing, since Batman did not approve of his methods, despite the fact that he did get results.

Lonnie spent time in a detention center after his capture by Batman and his subseqent arrest. During this time, Lonnie realized that he would need to improve his fighting abilities if he were to be a more effective crimefighter. It was also during this time that he began to realize that he would need to harness even more of his mental abilities. Thus began his mental improvement program. By creating a harmonic resonance between his two halves of his brain and increasing their synchronisity across the corpus collosum (a dividing region of the brain separating the hemispheres) he improved his mental capacities, significantly. His mental mastery is said to continue to grow as he continues his practice. At one point, he even built machines to assist in the process.

Anarky began a study to learn about the nature of Good and Evil in man, and this quest brought him into contact with the demon he summoned called Blasfemy, the powerful and unpredictable demon named Etrigan, and the mad tyrant of the other-dimensional world of Apokalips, Darkseid. Upon confrontation with the Batman, Anarky reveals that he had created a device that would free mens minds from the programming of their lives and allow them to make decisions that were based in free thought, free from the mind control that is normally associated with living in America. After his experiment to free the minds of men, went awry, Anarky decided (with the help of Batman) that he could not use a device that would disrupt the minds of men.

Lonnie eventually decided that he could not do the work that he wanted to do as Anarky, saddled with a secret identity and family. During a case that had gone wrong, Anarky faked his death during a explosion with a dirigible over the Gotham harbor. Anarky continued to build his empire, by creating vast off-shore bank accounts with cash earned with his increase brainpower, the stock market and online trading. Anarky trained in secret for a time before continuing his crusade. Once the earthquake in Gotham had struck, Batman decided to let Lonnie know that he knew that he was still alive and that Anarky was not welcome in the new Gotham. Anarky begrudingly left and set up his new office somewhere in Washington, D.C. His latest crusades have him utilizing a computer called MAX that he has programmed himself, consorting with the Justice League during a crisis that was disrupting reality itself and he has even been seen, for a moment, using a ring suspiciously similar to the ring used by Green Lantern.

Strength Level: Anarky has the strength level of a 16 year old athlete that engages in intensive regular exercise.

Special Skills: Lonnie possesses a wide array of skills due to the nature of his intelligence. It would seem that no science, magic or technology is beyond Anarky once he has set his mind to the task. He is a capable martial artist, having learned at least five different forms and combined them together, using his fused higher brain functions to create a seamless, fighting style capable of confounding and hurting, if only for a short time, the Batman, one of Earth’s most formidable fighting men. His fighting prowess seems to work best against unorthodoxed fighters like himself. Against straight or pure style martial artists, Anarky seems at a slight disadvantage. He also has the disadvantage of youth. In time his fighting style will probably have him as one of the most formidible martial artists on Earth.

Anarky has harnessed his abilities in several quantifiable ways.
1. He has built an artificial intelligence of high order.
2. He has created a pandimensional teleportation device and traveled to the Fourth World of Apokalips.
3. He has collected the energies of Etrigan the Demon and Darkseid, Dark God of Apokalips.
4. He has summoned a magical creature, Blasfemy, and bound him as a servant until the creature was later destroyed by Darkseid.
5. He has built a device to enhance his brain functions to fuse the hemispheres of his brain together.
6. He has amassed a huge fortune (at least 100 million dollars) by engaging in stock trading online.

Superhuman Abilities: Lonnie does not possess any directly superhuman abilities as such. He is the owner of several unique abilities that have been rarely seen in humanity. The first is his ability to harness both sides of his brain, and to utilize them to their maximum potential. There is currently only one other metahuman with such a profile, Deathstroke the Terminator. This fusion of both halves of Anarky’s brain allows him the ability to harness the full potential of his mental and physical capabilities.

Equipment: Anarky has a wide array of equipment that he uses in his battle against crime. He has emulated Batman’s equipment style and uses swinglines to manuver through the city. He has also been seen to utilize a golden rod with a 50,000 volt capacitor built into it. He uses this to stun opponents who may be larger or more dangerous than most. His current costume has a tranceiver built in to communicate with his artificial intelligence MAX. Anarky does not seem to utilize ranged weaponry of any sort but given time he will probably see the need for it. Since he is emulating the Batman in many ways, he has already realized that knowledge is power and is finding new ways of acquiring that knowledge every day. Anarky has begun creating suits of armor to augment his physical abilities, although the capabilities of these suits have not been determined.


Enemies: Ra’s A Ghul, The Establishment