ANARKY was created by Alan Grant and first appeared in Detective Comics #608.

Lonnie Machin is only 16 years old but as Anarky, he is not to be underestimated. He has travelled to Apokalips under his own power, using a device he created himself, a feat rarely duplicated. He has confronted Darkseid and lived to tell the tale. He has summoned demons and bound them to his will. He has tapped the computers of the Batman and other government agencies. Fortunately for us at the DEO, Anarky is just a boy, and a boy can be controlled or killed if he gets out of line.

Real Name: Lonnie Machin
Other Aliases: Anarky
Occupation: Stock Analyst, Adventurer
Legal Status: Juvenile record at age 12
Place of Birth:Gotham
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: (adoptive) Mike and Roxanne Machin; (birth) mother – Linda Penman; father (unknown)
Group Affiliations: None
Base of Operations: Washington, D.C.
Height: 6′
Hair: red, worn long
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 155 lbs.
Age: Approximately 16 Overview:Lonnie Machin is a man on a mission. Lonnie Machin is a young man of strong convictions, backed by the genius and perhaps the madness to see them to their logical conclusion. A very young man with a very old mission. To make the world a just, orderly, place. To allow people to have dignity, and be free from the parasites that control our society, particularly the rich who squander without conscience and the politicians who control with consequence. He has taken the identity of Anarky, a working man’s hero, who fights for the rights of the common man.
Historical References: Lonnie Machin was a well adjusted, highly intelligent teenager. After the death of a penpal in a foreign country, Lonnie began reading more political and philosophical books in an effort to understand government and politics. His studies would take him through a maze of political writings from the dawn of time to the present.

After a reading of the extremely controversial book “Universe” by Skudder Klyce, Lonnie decided that government in its current form was the reason for the dysfunction of this nation and that anarchy, government by the people, particularly making an individual responsible for his actions and improving his society by personal choice, was the true goal of intelligent people. Taking a page from a local vigilante, The Batman, Lonnie decided to be Anarky, a voice for the common man, tackling those criminals that were too high up the food chain to be touched by common laws.

Putting his intelligence to work, Lonnie created a costume for himself but realizing that he was too small to inspire fear, created a rig to modify his appearance so that he looked a head taller than he was. A dark red robe, wide-brimmed hat with an “A” on the chest was his working outfit. Creating a shockrod and a swingline, Lonnie took to the streets as Anarky.

Taking on the guise of Anarky proved to be a difficult task for the 12 year old and after his first outings he ran afoul of the Batman and was eventually captured for his troubles. However, not before revealing a prominent musician was a drug dealer and a corporate CEO was a toxic waste dumper. His media broadcast of these revelations eventually led to his undoing, since Batman did not approve of his methods, despite the fact that he did get results.

Lonnie spent time in a detention center after his capture by Batman and his subseqent arrest. During this time, Lonnie realized that he would need to improve his fighting abilities if he were to be a more effective crimefighter. It was also during this time that he began to realize that he would need to harness even more of his mental abilities. Thus began his mental improvement program. By creating a harmonic resonance between his two halves of his brain and increasing their synchronisity across the corpus collosum (a dividing region of the brain separating the hemispheres) he improved his mental capacities, significantly. His mental mastery is said to continue to grow as he continues his practice. At one point, he even built machines to assist in the process.

Anarky began a study to learn about the nature of Good and Evil in man, and this quest brought him into contact with the demon he summoned called Blasfemy, the powerful and unpredictable demon named Etrigan, and the mad tyrant of the other-dimensional world of Apokalips, Darkseid. Upon confrontation with the Batman, Anarky reveals that he had created a device that would free mens minds from the programming of their lives and allow them to make decisions that were based in free thought, free from the mind control that is normally associated with living in America. After his experiment to free the minds of men, went awry, Anarky decided (with the help of Batman) that he could not use a device that would disrupt the minds of men.

Lonnie eventually decided that he could not do the work that he wanted to do as Anarky, saddled with a secret identity and family. During a case that had gone wrong, Anarky faked his death during a explosion with a dirigible over the Gotham harbor. Anarky continued to build his empire, by creating vast off-shore bank accounts with cash earned with his increase brainpower, the stock market and online trading. Anarky trained in secret for a time before continuing his crusade. Once the earthquake in Gotham had struck, Batman decided to let Lonnie know that he knew that he was still alive and that Anarky was not welcome in the new Gotham. Anarky begrudingly left and set up his new office somewhere in Washington, D.C. His latest crusades have him utilizing a computer called MAX that he has programmed himself, consorting with the Justice League during a crisis that was disrupting reality itself and he has even been seen, for a moment, using a ring suspiciously similar to the ring used by Green Lantern.

Strength Level: Anarky has the strength level of a 16 year old athlete that engages in intensive regular exercise.

Special Skills: Lonnie possesses a wide array of skills due to the nature of his intelligence. It would seem that no science, magic or technology is beyond Anarky once he has set his mind to the task. He is a capable martial artist, having learned at least five different forms and combined them together, using his fused higher brain functions to create a seamless, fighting style capable of confounding and hurting, if only for a short time, the Batman, one of Earth’s most formidable fighting men. His fighting prowess seems to work best against unorthodoxed fighters like himself. Against straight or pure style martial artists, Anarky seems at a slight disadvantage. He also has the disadvantage of youth. In time his fighting style will probably have him as one of the most formidible martial artists on Earth.

Anarky has harnessed his abilities in several quantifiable ways.
1. He has built an artificial intelligence of high order.
2. He has created a pandimensional teleportation device and traveled to the Fourth World of Apokalips.
3. He has collected the energies of Etrigan the Demon and Darkseid, Dark God of Apokalips.
4. He has summoned a magical creature, Blasfemy, and bound him as a servant until the creature was later destroyed by Darkseid.
5. He has built a device to enhance his brain functions to fuse the hemispheres of his brain together.
6. He has amassed a huge fortune (at least 100 million dollars) by engaging in stock trading online.

Superhuman Abilities: Lonnie does not possess any directly superhuman abilities as such. He is the owner of several unique abilities that have been rarely seen in humanity. The first is his ability to harness both sides of his brain, and to utilize them to their maximum potential. There is currently only one other metahuman with such a profile, Deathstroke the Terminator. This fusion of both halves of Anarky’s brain allows him the ability to harness the full potential of his mental and physical capabilities.

Equipment: Anarky has a wide array of equipment that he uses in his battle against crime. He has emulated Batman’s equipment style and uses swinglines to manuver through the city. He has also been seen to utilize a golden rod with a 50,000 volt capacitor built into it. He uses this to stun opponents who may be larger or more dangerous than most. His current costume has a tranceiver built in to communicate with his artificial intelligence MAX. Anarky does not seem to utilize ranged weaponry of any sort but given time he will probably see the need for it. Since he is emulating the Batman in many ways, he has already realized that knowledge is power and is finding new ways of acquiring that knowledge every day. Anarky has begun creating suits of armor to augment his physical abilities, although the capabilities of these suits have not been determined.


Enemies: Ra’s A Ghul, The Establishment

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