Young Justice

Young Justice was created by Todd Dezago and Todd Nauck and first appeared as a team in YOUNG JUSTICE: THE SECRET. They were named in YJ#1

These young protoges of the Justice League are still in their early teens but this does not stop them from emulating their seniors in their attempts to deliver their own brand of justice.

The charter members included Superboy, cloned from the scientific genius of the Cadmus project to replace the then dead Superman, Impulse, the emotionally, mentally and reality challenged speedster from the 30th century, and Robin, boy genius, martial artist, and all-around athlete. Their all male club included their mentor and guardian, the Red Tornado and they made their headquarters in an old JLA hideout.

What was missing was a feminine touch, so they have unwillingly expanded to include Wonder Girl, the second young woman to bear that name. While she is still learning her powers, there is no doubting her courage. The Secret, not much is known about this young woman who remains in a full time gaseous state and seems not know as much about herself as we would like and Arrowette, master archer and decended from heroic stock, she attempts to prove herself worthy, especially to her parent, the first Arrowette. Together, with their trusty semi-sentient vehicle called the Super-Cycle, they battle against enemies, hopefully from their own age group. They are the future. They are Young Justice.

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