Adam Warlock

Him (Warlock’s previous alias) first appeared in Fantastic 4 number 66. Adam Warlock was later created by Jim Starlin and first appeared as Warlock in….
The Power of Adam

Species: Genetically Engineered Human
Height: 6’2″ Weight: 240 lbsHair: Golden Blond Eyes:Varies, Skin: Golden colored
Other Aliases: Him, The Magus, Godslayer
Occupation: World SaviorFormer Affiliations: The Infinity Watch
Origin: The Beehive, Shard Island, Atlantic Ocean.
Known Relatives: Her, genetically Warlock’s twin sister (now known as Kismet) Base of Operations: Formerly Counter-Earth, Soul-World, Monster Island. Now the known Universe.History: 
Him: The Early Years
Warlock is an artificial being, created by researchers at a complex known as the “Beehive”. The goal of the researchers there was to create the perfect human being, the pinnacle of future human evolution.
Fortunately for the denziens of Earth, the new being was a creature beyond the control of his creators. The creature emerged, known only as “Him”, and immediately sensed that his creators sought to use him for evil ends. He lashed out, damaging the complex and injuring his “fathers”, and promptly escaped. Unfortunately, “Him” was a being with no life experience due to his unique conception. He promptly encountered Thor, and attempted the abduction of the Lady Sif in order to mate with her (an act that would be repeated in a more benign but no less infuriating fashion by his gene-sister “Her”, now known as Kismet.). Thor naturally took offense to this kidnapping, and promptly beat the young Godling to near-death. Warlock promptly retreated to the safety of a regenerative coccoon and thus was later reborn.To The Stars
Upon his rebirth, Him was renamed as Adam Warlock by the High Evolutionary, who became a guiding force in the life of the reborn Godling. The High Evolutionary gave Warlock purpose, direction, and one more thing…the vampiric Soul Gem. Soon afterwards, Warlock journeyed to the planet called Counter-Earth, an experiment of the High-Evolutionary’s that had recently gone awry. Counter-Earth had been an attempt to create a utopian society, and it had been so until it’s recent contamination by the evil Man-Beast. Warlock battled the cunning creature to no avail, until he formed a somewhat unusual and narcissistic plan. Warlock set out to become the one, true God of Counter Earth. To do this he crucified himself and died, only to rise from his ressurrection coccoon 3 days later (sounds familiar eh?). His rash gamble worked, and Counter-Earth was saved (years later, the planet would fall to the influence of another.).

My Enemy…My Self
Soon afterwards, Warlock would come into contact with a malicious being known as the Magus. Warlock soon found out to his horror that the Magus was in fact a twisted future incarnation of himself, totally insane and horribly powerful. As the head of the Universal Church of Truth, the Magus had ground billions of lifeforms across the cosmos under his heel. Warlock battled him, but could not succeed on his own for his future self posessed vast might. Eventually, with the help of Pip the Troll, Gamora, and the nefarious Thanos of Titan, Warlock succeeded in eliminating the Timeline from which the Magus sprang, thus cancelling his existance retroactively throughout time. Then, in a brilliant, yet disturbing counter-move, Thanos projected Warlock 2 years into the future where he encountered his dying self, embittered, preparing to give birth anew to the Magus. Warlock then took the soul of his dying future self into the Soul-Gem, thus ending the threat of his evil counterpart.

My Ally…My Enemy?
However, as forseen, Warlock would meet his end two years later. Thanos planned to snuff out the stars themselves, and his ward, Gamora, found out about his plan. She attacked him and was struck down brutally. Warlock found her soon afterwards and took her soul into his Gem, learning the full extent of Thanos’ plan in the process. Distraught and enraged, Warlock sought out allies to assist him in his gambit against the Mad Titan. He journeyed to earth, and to the mansion HQ of the mighty Avengers. There he told them, and the recently arrived Captain Marvel and Moondragon of Thanos’ plan to blow all the stars from the heavens. The Avengers then made immediate plans to attack Thanos’ starship, the Sanctuary II. However, as he had in an earlier scheme to gain ultimate power, Thanos would sow the seeds of his own Destruction. Thanos purposely enraged Adam Warlock, by wiping the mind of Adam’s companion Pip, and leaving him to be found. When Warlock found Pip’s mindless form, he drew his friend’s spirit into his Soul-Gem. But before Thanos had attacked Pip, he told him of his plan. And when Warlock drew Pip’s soul into the Gem, he learned of the plan. Warlock and Captain Marvel immediately attacked Thanos, destoying his projector. Mar-Vell was rendered unconcious, but Warlock savagely attacked Thanos, who promptly struck him down. Before Thanos could move his Star-Gem into another Projector, he was attacked by Thor and Iron Man, who followed behind Warlock and Mar-Vell. Thor attacked Thanos, while Iron Man shattered the Star-Gem. Thanos teleported away with Warlock’s body, and led his crew to defeat the Avengers. With Warlock’s gem he possessed enough Power to at least desroy the Earth’s Sun. But before he could do so, a wild card was introduced in the form of Ben Grimm (The Thing) and Spider Man, who was compelled to find the battleground by Lord Chaos and Master Order. Spider Man freed the Avengers and in the melee’ that followed shattered the sphere holding the Soul-Gem. The gem hit the floor and in a flash of light the Soul of Adam Warlock appeared from within the Gem. Now a being of pure energy, Warlock lunged for the panicked Thanos, and killed him, turning the Titan’s body into solid Granite. Afterwards, the spirit of Warlock retreated back into the blissful world inside the Gem itself.

“I am the Alpha and the Omega”
Warlock would live peacefully for several years in Soul World, with Pip and Gamora, until Thanos again became a threat to all who lived. Encountering Drax the Destroyer and the noble Silver Surfer after Thanos abducted their souls, Warlock made plans to thwart the Titan once more. Warlock projected the Souls of himself, Pip, and Gamora into three recently deceased humans. His powers reshaped their shattered bodies into new, more powerful versions of their old bodies. Then he went about gathering Earth’s remaining Champions to attack Thanos on his space platform. However, the attack by Earth’s heroes was a distraction designed to allow the Silver Surfer to snatch the allmighty Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos’ grasp. He failed. After ascending to the crux of all reality after defeating the Universe’s mightiest cosmic beings, Thanos lost his divinity due to the machinations of his “granddaughter” Nebula. Thanos was then talked into assisting Warlock in Nebula’s defeat, whereupon Warlock himself gained the Gauntlet and ascended to Godhood. Warlock was soon afterwards convinced that he was unworthy to become supreme, and then divided the gems amongst Himself (Soul), Gamora (Time), Pip (Space), Drax (Power), Moondragon (Mind), and secretly Thanos (reality). The newly formed Infinity watch defended the Gems against the machinations of those who would misuse them. This included the reborn threat of the Magus (this version however, was merely Warlock’s expelled evil nature, and was thus just a shade of Warlock himself.), Warlock’s “good” side, the Goddess, and the evil extradimensional Count Abyss.

Back from the Ultraverse
However, a threat arrived from a different Universe. A threat called Rune, a vampiric Dark God whom succeeded in stealing all of the gems from their guardians. Before Rune could become aquainted with his newfound might, the heroic Silver Surfer attacked him, spurred on by the Living Tribunal. The Surfer shattered Rune’s right hand, scattering all of the gems (save for the Soul Gem, which had alighted on Rune’s forehead.) and causing them to be lost into the other Universe beyond. The Infinity Watch then fell apart, having no gems to protect. Afterwards Warlock promptly left, searching the Universe for his Soul Gem, despite its’ betrayal. During his long search, Warlock was pulled into a gateway between our Universe, and the neighboring Ultraverse. He awoke…projected into the distant past, to discover a gathering of worshippers hailing him as their Messiah. In the weeks that followed he discovered that he was upon a vast construct called the Godwheel, and in the presence of Warrior Priests who needed a savior to help them defeat a Dark God. This Dark God turned out to be the evil Rune himself. Soon, the hordes of Rune attacked, killing scores of the Warrior Priests, and turning the battle into a massacre. Rune and Warlock met on the field of battle and fought long into the night. Finally, Warlock fatigued, and Rune plunged his blade through Warlock’s chest, wounding him mortally. As Warlock lay dying, Rune attempted to drain his soul, but failed due to Warlock’s supreme astral control. Rune howled his frustration into the night, as Warlock died, and was promptly surrounded by his regenerative coccoon. He awoke…centuries later into the present of the Ultraverse, with newfound abilities that made up for the loss of his Soul Gem. After a few adventures in the Ultraverse, Warlock found a gateway back into our Universe. His current activities are unknown, but Warlock expressed a desire to search out Kismet, and explore their sibling relationship.

Warlock is a natural martial artist having received no formal training. His style emphasizes his preternatural reflexes, high agility, intuitive fighting and knowledge of an opponent. He has a natural ability to analyze patterns and this is linked to a high order intelligence and extreme will power, making him a formidable opponent to all but the most powerful metahumans.

Warlock has a powerful intuitive sense and awareness of other realms of existance. This is due in part to having an existance outside the realm of the Universe due to an edict from Master Order and Lord Chaos. Because of this edict and from time spent as a near omnipotent being, Warlock is aware of the fundamental underpinnings of the Universe at a level far beyond the understandings of most mortal beings.

Strength level:
Warlock possesses superhuman strength, allowing him to lift (press) 10 tons. When further enhanced by cosmic energy, Warlock’s strength increases to a degree that allows him to lift (press) 50 tons. When Warlock recreated his new body for himself, Gamora and Pip, it is unknown whether he made any particular modifications for these bodies. It is possible that he may be stronger than this now and chooses not to reveal it to his opponents.

Known Superhuman Powers:
Warlock possesses the ability to fly under his own power at supersonic speeds inside an atmosphere. He can achieve speeds of Mach 3 or better (2200+ mph). In space, Warlock can fly faster than the speed of light. He is also able to create space warps in an undisclosed manner, most likely through the manipulation of the Cosmic Energies he naturally absorbs from his surroundings. He possesses an enhanced metabolism and durability, and also reflexes enhanced over normal human levels. Warlock also possesses several psionic abilities such as telepathy and a sense of cosmic awareness. Lastly, Warlock possesses the ability to draw upon sources of cosmic energy for a variety of effects including the projection of concussive blasts. However, when Warlock was in possession of the Soul Gem, it drew upon his life force so heavily that it severly hindered his abilities to absorb and manipulate cosmic energy. Perhaps Warlock’s most interesting ability is his power of regeneration. When injured sufficently (either mentally or physically.), Warlock can create a coccoon around his body. After which he enters a state of deep hibernation, and then in that state he regenerates his body completely. Sometimes, in the past Warlock has shown that such a state can make him more or less powerful, depending on how long he remains in hibernation.

The Karma Staff: an expression of his will, the staff allowed Adam to project bolts of energy, perform minor telekinetic feats and deflect energies directed at him. It allowed him to focus mystical energies more effectively.

The Soul Gem:
One of six, the Soul Gem is a segment of a superintelligent, omni-powerful, primal entity that split itself into six tiny but powerful objects known as the Infinity Gems. This entity whose name was unknown but whose effect on the local universe has been extraordinary. The Infinity Gems seem to have an intelligence of their own but only the Soul Gem has been studied with any detail. The Soul Gem seems to have a malevolent personality, bent on satisfying its own needs, in this case, a need for new souls to inhabit its internal pocket nexus. The Soul Gem creates a symbiotic relationship with its host organism, providing protection, sustenance, and power, in exchange for new souls. The High Evolutionary was evidently strong enough to resist its lure since he was already powerful enough, but the Gem convinced him to allow Adam Warlock to possess it even though the High Evolutionary knew how dangerous the Soul Gem was.

Strangely enough, the pocket reality of beings captured by the Soul Gem is a place of peace and calm, where all captured souls share a communal consciousness and well-being. To date only a few souls have ever left the Gem for any length of time, and until recently Adam Warlock, the Magus, Gamora, and Pip the Troll are the only beings to ever do so without returning. The Soul Gem possesses several powers of its own, and will when it feels willing, contribute them to the host organism that wears it. Among these powers are: the awareness of nearby souls and their emotional states, the disruption of Karmic energies within a soul, causing unconsciousness or mental instability or even death, the projection of energy in powerful concussive bursts, the physical augmentation of a host’s natural abilities, and the collection of an unwilling being’s soul essence and placing it within its nexus. The Gem does drain spiritual essence from its host if it is not satisfied. This transfer of essence does cause personality shifts in the host organism, but it is not permanent. Since the Soul Gem was part of an all powerful being, it is possible that it is capable of other as yet undocumented feats.

Allies: Thanos, The Silver Surfer, Captain Mar-vell, Captain Marvel (Legacy), Moondragon, Drax the Destroyer, The Avengers, Master Order and Lord Chaos

Enemies: The Magus, The Goddess, Thanos, Nebula, Annihilus, Blastaar, The Inbetweener

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