Barbara Gordon was created by Bob Kane and first appeared as Batgirl (I) in Detectice Comics #359 (January, 1969). Oracleidentity created by John Ostrander and first appeared in Suicide Squad #23.
Name: Barbara “Babs” Gordon
Parents: Roger C. & Thelma A. Gordon (deceased); niece and (later) adopted daughter of James W. & Barbara Gordon (divorced); stepdaughter to Sarah Essen-Gordon.
Siblings: James, Jr. (cousin & adoptive brother)Birthplace: Ohio
Estimated Age: 21-23 years of age
Hair: Red, Eyes: Green, Height: 5’11” tall, Weight: 130 lbs
Base of Operations: Gotham City

Previous Occupations: Librarian, Congressperson, Lobbyist, Computer Expert

Past Affiliations: Worked with the Suicide Squad for some time early on in her career as Oracle

Current Affiliations: As Oracle (with the Black Canary), half of the crime-fighting team “Birds of Prey”; member of the latest JLA lineup; an integral part of the Batman’s research and support crew; and, as Barbara Gordon, temporarily led Gotham City police and emergency services during Cataclysm.Overview: 
Working with the Justice League as their primary information broker and team co-ordinator, Oracle was sponsored by Batman as a first draft choice to bolster the teams intellectual muscle. Physically confined to a wheelchair, she is intellectually unrestricted by any barriers. The superheroes of the world come to her time and again to handle the tasks too big for their superpowers — for instance, keeping track of all the teams and efforts and disasters which took place during The Final Night.She is a presence throughout the world, watching, tracking, and getting involved, via her operatives and allies, where she believes her and their combined skills could help out. And she “sits” at the round table, taking her place amongst the Justice League as their resident information technologist.

Barbara Gordon, once known as Gotham City’s Batgirl was shot and crippled by the Joker, her career cut short as she was paralyzed and restricted to a wheelchair. Vanishing from the vigilante scene and now known as Oracle, she was formerly an operative who was funded and recruited to work with the Suicide Squad as a team coordinator and information source. She has recently taken her information brokering duties freelance and full-time and is no longer in direct employment of the United States government or operative teams except as it pleases her to do so.

Skills, Talents and Powers

Superhuman Powers: Oracle has no superhuman abilities and has the strength (in her upper body, she is paralyzed from the waist down) of a woman who engages in intensive regular exercise.

Oracle is an expert at research & analysis and maintains several advanced databases filled with information about the metahuman, high trained non-metahumans, exceptional people, criminal, supersecret cabals, hate organizations, government agencies, and aliens who populate the world at large. Her databases are second only to the facilities for the Krypton Protocols at STAR Labs (and are mirrored by our facilities as she updates them.) An excellent programmer in a half a dozen languages, hacker, phone phreaker, master of telecommunications and database administrator, a technical wizard capable of working almost anywhere, she employees her talents creating custom built databases that allow her to cross reference information as quickly as possible. Working with WayneTech as a technical consultant, she is kept in computers, and money to do whatever she needs to, as Oracle.

A genius-level intellect with a near-eidetic memory and a master in her field, she has an excellent ability to correlate seemingly disparate data into a cohesive and logical whole. Her intuitive sense about information allows her to find connections that are not readily apparent to anyone else. Her multitasking abilities border on the superhuman and she handles herself well under pressure.

With an extensive background in gymnastics & dance, Barbara Gordon received many awards in ballet, classic dance and gymnastics early in her high school and college careers. She was an excellent overall athlete and received training to improve her abilities when she was still working as Batgirl in Gotham City. Her martial arts training included a Brown Belt in Judo and commando style fighting techniques taught to her by Batman. She was also highly adept at Escrima (Philippine stick fighting) probably also taught to her by Batman. She was trained in the use of most of the current Bat paraphernalia such as Batrangs, grappling hooks, swinging techniques, acrobatics, and night fighting.

Equipment and Facilities:
Oracle has access to the best computer technology that Earth’s technology has to offer. Working with WayneTech and Wayne Corporation, she is able to field some of the finest computing power on the planet. Her primary computer is a WayneTech Gray 2000 workstation with 1 GB of RAM and 1 Terabyte of internal storage that connects to her very own mainframe computer that is supercooled in the closet in her apartment. She also has a high speed T3 connection running into her office that connects her to the internet and to other database networks that house her information all over the world. Oracle also possesses the finest security technology that WayneTech can afford to provide her with.

Tracking multiple television, radio, teletype, and internet broadcasts, Oracle has her finger on the pulse of all kinds of news. An extremely competent programmer, she has made it possible for software bots to review online news and search it by keywords when she asks for it, removing the need for her to have to read everything, all the time.

She has multiple uplinks to satellites, microwave transmitters, mobile communications, descramblers, cellular decoders and using the Justice League relay satellites can connect to anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds, assuming there is a connection available to be had. She maintains live connections to several of her operatives such as the Black Canary, and to the Justice League. Between hacking, having friends in high places, and knowing people in every intelligence group in the world, Oracle has gathered some of the finest information about almost everything on the planet. Supported by the computing power given to her by WayneTech and the Justice League, Oracle is slowly but truly becoming the source of all knowledge.

Psychological Profile:
Barbara Gordon is a haunted individual who over-compensates for her disability by trying to know all there is to know and is entirely too hard on herself if she should fail. Fearing to accept support from anyone and wanting to appear as self reliant as possible, she leads a lonely life of denial of human comfort, something that she desperately needs.

Allies: Batman, Robin, Nightwing, Alfred, Commissioner Gordon, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Zauriel, Orion, Barda, Steel, Plastic Man, Green Lantern, Flash

Enemies: Joker

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