Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman was created by William Moulton Marston and first appeared in All Star Comics #8.


Species: Magically created, apparently human
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 135 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: BlueOccupation: Visiting lecturer at the Gateway City

Group Membership: Justice League of America

Overview: Wonder Woman is considered to be one of the most powerful women alive today. She has few equals among women (or men for that matter), Maxima, former member of the Justice League and Big Barda a current member and, wife of Mister Miracle being two of her peers. Wonder Woman possesses super-human strength and is capable of flight. Trained in all ancient Greek methods of hand-to-hand combat, she also has the speed of Hermes, which lets her deflect bullets with her silver bracelets. The Lasso of Truth, forged from the girdle of Gaia, forces anyone in its hold to tell the absolute truth. Wonder Woman serves as a member of the newly formed Justice League of America.

Historical References: Wonder Woman ReferencesTraining: Diana was raised from her moment of creation to be the greatest warrior that Paradise Island ever created. She is an extremely capable martial artist, trained since childhood, in the ways of ancient hand to hand warfare with a wide variety of weapons from various ages. Highly skilled with almost any weapon ever made, Diana specialized in the use of the bow and the javalin. Because of her martial training, she is able to hold her own against opponents of superior physical strength. She has stood toe-to-toe with Superman and the God of War, Ares. She is also an accomplished strategist and tactitian, trained in the arts of leadership and persuasion. She has proven to be a compelling leader, with the ability to convince those who follow her to brave any peril, no matter how insurmountable the odds. Diana is also possessed of incredible courage, confronting foes such as Kalibak and Darkseid as well as against various monsters of myth and legend.

Our records have been updated to reflect new information regarding Wonder Woman. We now know Wonder Woman was crafted from clay on an island in another dimension tangent to this one, and embued with life energy from the Greek Gods. These energies maintain her lifeforce and bestow great abilities upon her. Many of these abilities imitate powers of the Greek Pantheon.

Her primary powers include:
Superhuman strength: It is obvious her strength is magical in nature, given her height and weight. Her strength is near the order of SupermanÕs or Captain MarvelÕs. With her superhuman strength and superior fighting abilities, she has proven to be a match for either one of them at one time or another. Her strength level has been augmented in the past with the Gauntlet of Atlas but Wonder Woman was unable to control the level of enhanced strength the device gave her.

Limited Invulnerability: Her resistance to injury is not quite as great as any of the above mentioned metahumans. She has withstood considerable bludgeoning damage in the form of hand to hand combat with metahuman opponents (such as Superman and Captain Marvel) and physical damage (as seen when she is knocked back through two multi-story office buildings and then buried beneath them). She seems more vulnerable to energy attacks but she deflects most ranged attacks when she can. She has considerable resistance to human weaponries, although there are inconsistancies in her ability to resist injury, the variances are probably due to discrepancies in observation. Perhaps her ability varies with some as for yet unknown condition that strengthens or weakens her in relationship to her Pantheon of patron dieties.

Superhuman Reflexes: Wonder Woman possesses reflex abilities similar to lower-level speedsters such as Jesse Quick and Max Mercury, somewhere in the range of 8 to 20 times normal human reflexes with concentration. She, however, does not maintain her enhanced speed awareness due to the temporal difficulties such thinking causes her. She seems able to keep up with Jesse Quick, referencing her patron diety of speed and messenger of the gods, Hermes as the source of her powers.

Superspeed: It is unknown how long she can maintain a speedsterÕs average pace (which we clock at approximately 125 mph (2.08 miles/second) to 200 mph (3.3 mile/sec) innercity and 225 mph (3.75 miles/sec) to 500 mph (8.3 miles/sec) over land outside of cities). Since Wonder Woman lacks the speed aura of true speedsters, the environmental effects/disruptions that she causes probably prevent her from utilizing superspeed mobility as a common mode of travel. With bracers forged by Hephastes, Wonder Woman boosts her resistance to injury with her near-indestructible bracers. She is able to deflect attacks that might otherwise cause her considerable injury but she can only deflect attacks she is aware of.

Flight: Wonder Woman is capable of unassisted flight through an as yet unknown but probably magical means. She has been clocked at Mach 3 (2,100 mph, 35 miles per second) in flight and can be presumed to be much faster if she wanted to be. No reliable ceiling is known but atmospheric distubances occur at speeds greater than Mach 10 (7,000 mph, 116 miles/sec) so that is probably her limit in atmosphere as well. Her aerial manuevability is not as developed as aerial combatants such as Hawkman or the Black Condor, but she is a relatively capable aerial combatant as well.

Weapons: Wonder Woman has had in her possession a variety of weapons and devices during her time as an ambassador to the Man’s World. She has used a magical sword reputed to be able to cleave almost any material and magical shield on occasion, her indestructible bracelets, her weapon tiara, which could be used a boomerang, the Sandals of Hermes for flight, (which she no longer needs), and even the Gauntlet of Atlas, which was actually given to Artemis to give her increased strength and allow her to compete fairly with Wonder Woman during their contest on Theymescria.

Even without her superhuman abilities, Wonder Woman has been trained in various martial arts, weaponscraft, and statescraft. She is an extraordinary Olympic-level athlete trained in all of the classic techniques of the Amazons.

Lansinar Morphing Disk: Wonder Woman has at her disposal a small lightweight disc which, when triggered by Wonder Woman’s thoughts, morphs into a transparent version of whatever vehicle appropriate for the event. It has also been transformed into a telepathic relay device to allow Diana and Jade to communicate with her mother in Theymescria. Recently the device was seen to grow to gargantuan proportions, nearly the quarter of the size of Gateway City, destroying portions of it in the process to produce a new city-like interior and appeared to have sentient or semi-sentient properties after being stimulated by the dark diety Oblivion. It has been christened the Wonderdome.

Golden Lasso of Hestia/Girdle of Gaia: Made of an unknown golden metal, supposedly from the Girdle of Gaia, the Lasso is approximately 150 feet long and has successfully restrained Superman, Ares and Hades within its coils. It seems to be under the telekinetic control of Diana and she has used it upon occassion as a means of subduing or restraining opponents. It has over the years been claimed to have special powers that force anyone within its coils to tell the truth, but that has not been substantiated.

Industructible Bracelets: Wonder Woman possesses two bracelets forged by Haephestes (all Amazons wear them) of an unknown material. As a feat of speed and reflexes, Amazons use these bracelets to deflect projectiles. Since Wonder Woman is resistant to high caliber weapons fire, she still performs the manuever to demoralize her opponents, test her skill or when confronted by weapons of greater potency.

Other Devices: Diana, for a time, held the Gauntlet of Atlas, a specialized gauntlet that increased her strength even further. This device was given to Artemis, the former Wonder Woman who was killed (and later resurrected) to allow her to be able to engage the physically stronger Diana in hand to hand combat. Diana took the Gauntlet from Artemis after she was killed by the White Magician. Diana then used the Gauntlet to kill the White Magician. Diana stopped using the Gauntlet after she killed the White Magician because it made her superhuman strength so great that she was unable to control it easily. The Gauntlet ended up in the hands of the new Wonder Girl until she was granted superhuman powers by Zeus. It is presumed that Zeus reclaimed the Gauntlet.

Weaknesses: It is interesting to note that her height and weight make her vulnerable to attacks that cannot be blocked and that potentially move her from location to location. Repulsion technology might be an efficient means of attacking and subduing her since she cannot block area effect attacks and her true height and weight are independent of her strength. This technique was used against her to great effect in some of her recent JLA battles.

Allies: Superman, Steel, Batman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Zauriel, The Martian Manhunter, Big Barda, Oracle

Enemies: Cheetah, The White Magician, Ares, Hades, Hercules, Circe, Neron


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