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Steel was created by Louise Simonson and Joe Bogdanove. Steel’s first appearance was in Man of Steel #22 and later in his own Steel #1.



Species: Human, of African American descent, Height: 6’3″, Weight: 225, Hair: Black, Eyes: Dark BrownOther Aliases: The Man of Steel

Origin: Dr. John Henry Irons is publically known as Steel, an engineer, inventor, and ballistics expert who made a small fortune desiging weapons for AmerTek, a military contractor. When weapons of Irons’s design fell into the hands of terrorists, he faked his own death and went into hiding in Metropolis. Most of his time was spent working in high steel and developing a flying suit of armor until the fateful day he was rescued by Superman. Inspired by Superman, Irons decided to do right by him, and even attempted to aid him in his fatal battle with Doomsday. After the death of Superman, Irons became known as the Man of Steel, using his flying prototype that he had created earlier. Dr. John Henry Irons is a man in excellent physical and mental condition, who engages in intensive, regular exercise.

Overview: Dr. Irons strong moral fibre and integrity has made him quite famous among the metahumans that he works with and his dedication to his family has proven to be a hallmark of his character. As a well known scientist and physicist, Dr. Irons has very few peers in his realm of physics, engineering and ballistics and his recent exposures to the technologies of New Genesis/Apokolips, Rann, Prometheus, Amazon Island and most recently the 853rd Century, means that he will continue to excel at his craft of creating high technology and being the prime technologist for the Justice League of America.Education: It is obvious that Dr. Irons possesses several degrees in Physics, Quantum Physics, Advanced Energy Physics, Temporal Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering, and Robotics. It is likely that he has even more education than can be currently assessed by the creation of his powered armor.

Known Powers: When Armored: Height: 7’0″, Weight: 1,200 lbs. Steel’s powers vary in accordance with what hardware is currently available to him. He has modified the original weapons systems and suit several times since its debut and continues to refine its abilities. With his engineering, physics and ballistics knowledge, it is conceivable that the suit may potentially possess even greater power in the future. Currently it possesses the following abilities:

  • Enhanced Strength: As noted, Steel is a normal human being who is in excellent physical condition, and who engages in intensive, regular exercise. Without his armor he can lift approximately 650 pounds. With his powered armor increasing his strength as much as 15 times, Steel’s enhanced strength is quite considerable. He has been seen to lift and throw for short distances objects weighing as much as 5 tons. It would seem that greater strength would be possible, but would require re-engineering the support structures of the suit. As it is, the servo-motor systems that power the suit seem to be able to function at peak efficiency for approximately 2-3 days without any need for recharge. The current source of power is also unknown, but believed to already be patented by Dr. Irons.
  • Resistance to Injury: The suit’s ability to impart a resistance to physical injury was quite considerable before the addition of the inertial dampening field. It is, theoretically, composed of molynbeum steel-titanium alloy infrastructure, overlayed with ridges of plated steel to reinforce vital areas. Small arms fire was generally not a threat but larger firearms could prove dangerous. All of the suits have performed admirably considering the opponents. These include the Cyborg Superman and Metallo, both considered to be highly dangerous opponents, even for Superman.
  • Rivet Cannon: This short range weapon has fired red-hot rivets similar to rivets used in construction. This weapon was chosen as a less lethal device in place of far more dangerous weapons that Dr. Irons had created. (See Toastmasters). As the weapon has seemed relatively ineffective, his choice of this weapon seems more dubious. Steel has used this weapon, less and less and we expect that this weapon will be replaced by something more utilitarian in the future.
  • Magno-Gravimetric Flight Capability: With what are probably his greatest creations, the flight protocols for his armor are every engineers dream. His flight is made possible by two means. The creation of a limited anti-graviton/magno-repulsion field, the source for this field is currently unknown. This field polarizes him against the Earth’s gravitational pull. This field is not enough, however to allow flight but does allow for the thrusters housed in his boots to give him the semblance of flight. (And perhaps under the right conditions to leap farther than normal). The distance that can be travelled before refueling is unknown but Steel has made a documented trip of at least 1,500 miles before touching down again. It has been determined, by observation, that Steel can reach speeds just short of the speed of sound, which is 700+ miles per hour. Since the power source for his suit is currently unknown, STAR Labs cannot further determine how the suit’s flight capabilities function at a detailed level. Further analysis will continue.
  • Inertial Dampening Field In his suit’s most recent incarnation, he has opted to reduce the physical strength of the suit in exchange for an inertial dampening field. This field would increase his resistance to injury from physical attacks. What this reduction in strength will mean in his performance remains to be seen. This will probably allow him to take more punishment from environmental and physical attacks, and since Steel tends to rely on his brain not his brawn, perhaps he feels, high levels of super-strength will be unnecessary.
  • Computerized Communications and Scanning Array (CCSA) This technology is integral to the armor’s technological advantages. The onboard computer comes equipped with high density, flash memory protocols for suit operation, including weapons management, power management, gyroscopic balancing, and analysis of electromagnetic phenomemna. This analysis array is directed by a wave-emmiter bound to the S logo and including weapons analysis and EM field analysis, remote program analysis, rewriteable operating system protocols, assumingly of Dr. Irons designs, remote communication and reception of all normal radio, satellite and cellular communication bands. The armor can also receive signals on classified bands such as the Air Traffic Controller wavelengths and the NASA communication protocols. It can be supposed that the armor is also capable of communicating with the National Defense Commands of the United States as Dr. Irons clearance allows. The onboard computer can be attacked either with viruses or electromagnetic pheonomena that will temporarily override the suits operation for 30 seconds while the system reboots. This reboot does not stop motor operations and Steel retains control of the armor unless the attack damages the boot level operation protocols which are separate from the operating system proper.
  • External Weapon: Voice Activated/Controllable Hammer:Steel’s original hammer was just a physical extension of his strength, to which, he did use to great effect. In recent battles, Steel has found himself outclassed by his metahuman opponents and decided to increase the technology found in his hammer. His current hammer has the ability to increase it’s kinetic energy the further away it is thrown. At a distance up to 20 yards, it can stop a car, 30 yards, a truck, 60 yards, a tank, at distances greater than 60 yards, its destructive capacity rivals that of Superman for damage dealing capabilities. The hammer is also voice controlled and its flight is programmable.
  • Inertial Damage Field with Hammer: This hammer can also store the energy it has gathered along its flight path within the kinetic field and release it on contact with a target, even if its flight is interrupted by a command. It is unknown how long this device can store such energy. This device appears to have the ability to temporarily disrupt temporal/kinetic energy in a localized field and manipulated it for limited effects such as energy transfer based on a linear distance travelled. We suspect that such technology is alien in origin and its owner and manufacturer bear watching because of it. Its power source is also unknown.

Allies: Superman, Supergirl, Superboy, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Zauriel, The Martian Manhunter, Big BardaEnemies:

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