Zauriel (inactive)

Zauriel was created by Grant Morrison and Howard Porter in JLA #6, 1997.



Species: Divine Humanoid
Height: 7’0″ Weight: 225 lbs, Hair: Grey, Eyes: Red
Other Aliases: Guardian Angel
Group: Justice League, Eagle Host of Heaven (former member)
Origin: Heaven
First appearance:JLA #6, 1997
Known Relatives: NoneOverview: 
Active and current member of the JLA. Former Guardian Angel of the Eagle Host of Heaven, Zauriel forsook his immortality and assumed human form in order to be with the woman he protected and loved. The angel also knew of the secret plans of Bull angel Asmodel, who sought to destroy the Earth and conquer Heaven. With the aid of the JLA, Zauriel defeated the traitorous angel’s and became a member of the Justice League. The guardian of the air observes vigilantly from his lofty fortress Aerie high above Los Angeles. No longer involved with the object of his affections, Zauriel looks at his new post as a way of increasing peoples awareness of Heaven in a world where Evil is all too apparent and visible.
No historical references available.Skills and Talents:
Zauriel’s skill base seems quite wide and diverse. Having a million years to practice any skills he wanted, it would make sense that he would have many abilities that we are as yet unaware. His primary abilities are in detection and prevention, since as a guardian angel, he has to protect the interests of his client. Since he is not permitted to interfere in a physical way, we assume that he could only help in a spiritual way. Such help has not been clearly defined as of yet. Zauriel has a keen understanding and knowledge of the Supernatural and Magick, one of the reasons he was selected for membership in the Justice League. Zauriel is also familiar with technology and claims that Heaven has craftsmen capable of creating advanced technology beyond the ken of mortal man. His current battlesuit and Aerie are examples of that technology.

Zauriel does not sleep nor feels the need to rest to recover strength. As such, he appears immune to magic that induces sleep, and has never actually been seen to lose consciousness. His mental abilities include the ability to multitask, and interact with information at a multitude of levels. His aerial sanctuary boast some of the world’s most sophisticated intelligence equipment. He is able to watch multiple programs on multiple monitors and be aware of all of them simultaneously. He claims that he also possesses a level of “higher consciousness” that is constantly watching the environment at a spiritual level. He is able to understand and communicate with animals. This seems an innate ability but we are currently unaware of how extensive the communication is.

Special Powers/Abilities:
It is difficult to say with any clarity where Zauriel’s physical form actually originates from. He claims that he is an angelic being from Heaven, but we have little physical evidence in hand. What has been observed is that he has a humanoid body that is grey-skinned in color, possesses superhuman strength, resistance to injury and flight capabilities.

He appears to possesses low level superhuman strength probably on the order of 20 times the human norm. (This would be 10-15 tons.) His strength is probably not the Angelic norm since the other angel Asmodel seem to have incredible physical strength as well as other powers. Asmodel’s physical strength was great enough that he could defeat the entire Justice League and fight Superman to a stalemate. Zauriel was given a powersuit by Heaven’s artisans. It is unknown how much this suit modifies the abilities of the Angel or whether it has other capabilities built into it.

Zauriel’s ability to take physical punishment is much higher than normal, considering the amount of damage, that he took from Asmodel in a later confrontation, after the King-Angel had be relegated to wearing a flesh-suit. His injuries seem to heal with astonishing speed, though he does not appear to be immortal or invulnerable. Zauriel can be affected by human medications, although his divine nature may make them less potent.

Zauriel is capable of flight with his huge wingspan of almost 20 feet. His actual flight capabilities would still be magical since it is impossible for a man, even with wings to be able to fly as he does without a magical or antigravitational assist. His maximum flight speed and distance is as yet undisclosed.

Weapons and Offensive Capabilities:
Sonic Cry:
Zauriel possesses two means of offensive capability. The first is the sonic cry. The sonic cry was one of his powers he was allowed to keep after he left the Silver City (Heaven). His sonic cry is rarely used and with good reason. It has the power to liquify any target it strikes. It causes incredible damage, particularly to spiritually created constructs such as the flesh-suit of Asmodel. It must be a particularly taxing power since Zauriel will engage in combat, take physical abuse and suffer injury before using it.

Flaming Sword
The second is his flaming sword. This sword seems to be a staple among angelic beings, and all angels seem to possess a personalized weapon. Since these beings appear to be relatively immortal, and everything they do is personalized, it would make sense that each angel would have a weapon keyed to just them. The flaming sword is a devastating weapon capable of rending steel and brick as well as human flesh.

Allies: Barda, Superman, Orion, Steel, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Flash, Martian Manhunter

Enemies: Asmodel, King-Angel of the Pax-Dei, Neron, Lord of the Underworld. Others as yet unrevealed.

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