Justice Society of America

The New Justice Society of America

Combat Role: Air support and recon, ranged attack, and damage containment,

Atom Smasher
Combat Role: Central Phalanx (growth, superstrength and damage resistance), hand to hand combat, extended reach

Combat Role: Air support and recon, hand to hand combatant, limited mystic knowledge

Combat Role: Air support, defensive auxillary (limited combat knowledge but durable android body), temporal recon;

Combat Role: Central Phalanx, martial artist, knowledge of the criminal underworld

Black Canary:
Stealth and tactical, Detective skills, martial arts, connection to Oracle

The Flash:
Fast attack and recon, support, crowd control, superspeed,tactical expertise

Offensive/Defensive hardpoint, tactical experience, magical power effects and damage containment

Weapon User, sniper, crowd control, tactical experience, nonliving status

The Star Spangled Kid:
Auxillary Support, energy projection, speed and coordination

Sentinel/Green Lantern: Alan Scott
Alan Scott is the first human to bear the name Green Lantern. Though not a member of the Galactic Peace Keeping force known as the Green Lantern Corps, the power of the green energy of a magical force or being called the Starheart was directed through a ring that was once possessed by Alan Scott in a fashion similar to the GLC. (Even their recharging oaths were more than passingly similar) After the destruction of his ring by Extant, the long-term proximity to the energy has left him able to direct the green flame and its attendant constructs by sheer willpower alone. Alan Scott has aged slower due to the energy of the Starheart and at one point when the ring was no longer needed, reduced his age artificially and appeared to be about 30 years old for a time. Due to the malign nature of the Starheart, Alan Scott gives up much of his power and returns to his normal age but retaining the name Sentinel.He has the ability to focus his will into energy constructs that can affect the environment. He can project energy blasts as fields of concussive force, flame, water or even ice. He can use the power of the Starheart to duplicate the powers of other beings for short times, this allows him to keep up with the Flash, or have the lifting strength of Hippolyta. He has the power to modify spells since the Starheart and its attendant energies are magical in nature. The power allows him to create flying platforms, erect barriers of force, flight, protective fields around himself or others, increase his strength and striking power by directing the construct into a weapon form. Alan tends to utilize archaic weaponry as his force modifier. He will occasionally use the ring for teleportation or other more unusual effects but these seem to be energy intensive or otherwise difficult or he would use them more often. More often than not, Green Lantern is the backbone of the JSA because his powers can be both offensive and defensive and have a wide range of applications. His only real weakness is an inability of the Starheart’s power to affect things made mostly from wood or wood products. Weapons made of wood can pass right through the Green Flame as if it was not there at all.

The Flash: Jay Garrick
Jay Garrick was a student when he was exposed to the fumes of an unknown substance called “hard water”. The actual compound in question is still under analysis and is believed to be only part of the reason that he possesses his powers. Jay Garrick, like most speedsters has a connection to an otherworldly energy called by speedsters “the Speed Force”.

While “the Speed Force” may sound like a ridiculous name, the powers of those who are connected with it are incredible. To date: there have been at least 8 beings who have a connection with the speed force that allows them to access the amazing powers of speedsters. The Speed Force allows speedsters the ability to defy gravity, momentum, and inertia and achieve speeds that approach that of the speed of light, in atmosphere. These beings who are channelling the Speed Force, lose their material nature and enter this otherworldly dimension long before they actually reach light speed, otherwise, they would destroy the Earth in short order by the distortion of the Earth’s atmosphere and environment.

Realize that a speedster approaching light speed can circle the Earth in .134 seconds (that means that a speedster could circle the earth 10 times in one second). This means that speedsters regularly ignore physics with relative impunity, because the bulk of their mass is not in the Earth dimension so they can change direction, vibrate through matter and defy gravity at ease. Jay Garrick is one of the most accomplished speedsters on Earth. Even though his mastery of the actual Speed Force is not as adept as Max Mercury, Zen Guru of Speed, his application of his speed powers is without peer, having the greatest amount of time spent using said powers.

Jay has also used his powers to become quite adept at a number of other disciplines including foreign languages, written and spoken, mathematics, and multiple scientific fields, including chemistry, physics and geography. When reading a whole book can take you only four seconds, you have the time to get quite good at a number of topics. Age has taken a toll upon Jay Garrick, though less than many of his compatriots. The Speed Force probably mitigates this due to relativistic interactions in the Speed Realm. He ages slower because of time spent moving faster, particularly near the speed of light. Jay finds it more difficult to reach the speed of light and has to settle for the sobriquet of the Second Fastest Man Alive.

Starman VII: Jack Knight
Jack Knight’s father, the original protector of Opal City and the first Starman created the Gravity Rod, possibly one of the most powerful man-made technologies on Earth. With the Gravity Rod, Ted Knight, as Starman, was possibly the second or third most powerful member of the JSA. The Gravity Rod allowed him to do a wide variety of things similar to the Omnipower of the Starheart wielded by Green Lantern/Sentinel. These powers include: quantum energy effects such as the negation of gravity for flight or the levitation of other matter (whose weight limits are as yet unknown). The Gravity Rod could channel cosmic and stellar energies in various forms such as concussive blasts, heat, or other radiation emission (as light or other electromagnetic phenomena) or absorption (preventing light from being seen). It could be used to construct powerful barriers of force, able to stop rounds from tanks and small missiles. The true power of the Gravity Rod was rarely seen but could be extrapolated from the feats that it did perform. Jack Knight is the reluctant possessor of the Starman legacy left when his brother died in the job. Jack is an antique dealer and prefers to spend his time working on finding antiques for his store but has grown more fond of his role as Starman and seems to be growing into it as time passes. Jack’s Cosmic Staff is a more powerful version of the Gravity Rod used by Ted Knight.

Black Canary: Dinah Laura Lance
The daughter of the original Black Canary, she was born with an extra set of vocal cords that allowed her the metahuman ability to scream and stun opponents. This power was later lost due to a throat injury. The Black Canary is also a world class detective, ranking perhaps third in the metahuman community after Batman and the Martian Manhunter. Even before the loss of her metahuman power, she was a highly skilled martial artist and outstanding gymnast. She is skilled in the use of all firearms, martial arts weaponry and metahuman tactics. She has a variety of weapons from her relationship with her other partner Oracle. (Oracle, the former Batgirl, Barbara Gordon, works as an information broker for the Batman group of non-metahuman’s including Azrael, Nightwing, Robin, Batman and the new Batgirl as well as the Justice League). She now duplicates her Canary Cry with sonic stun grenades and uses other custom designed equipment when on assignment. She currently wears a bulletproof, fireproof, Nomex-weave bodysuit (curiously enough without protective legwear, an extremely large and vulnerable area, perhaps someone will explain why later). Her lack of metahuman powers has not hindered her performance in her work but her injuries in the line of duty will surely take a toll in later years.

Wildcat: Ted Grant
“Watched by our organization for years, Ted Grant seems to grow better with age. Now a man in his 70’s he is still leaping from rooftop to rooftop, climbing walls, smashing down doors and pounding the living daylights out of the bad guys. This guy is a walking advertisement for exercise and clean living.”
–Cameron Chase

How Ted Grant has maintained his vitality is still a mystery to many. Part of that vitality has to do with the magical energies that were unleashed upon the JSA during the 1945 battle with Ian Karkull. Ted Grant became the Wildcat during his boxing days to clear his name of a murder charge when he was still a heavyweight boxing champion. Undefeated during his reign, he was stripped of his title when his opponent appeared to have died in the ring. Later clearing his name, he joined the JSA during their operative years. After World War II, Ted Grant retired and had not been seen often during that time. Of late, Wildcat has been seen again, and in the same form as his youth. Since he has at least 50 years of martial arts training, he is considered to be one of the best hand to hand combatants alive today. Grant is one of the people that trained Bruce Wayne in hand to hand techniques before he became the Batman.

The Star-Spangled Kid II: Courtney Whitmore
The second bearer of this name, The Star Spangled Kid found the Cosmic Converter belt owned by the original Star Spangled Kid a.k.a. Skyman in a box that was held by her current stepfather, Pat Dugan, the original Stripsey and the sidekick of the original Star Spangled Kid. Disliking her stepfather intensely, she put on the belt and a variation of the Star Spangled Kids costume for a costume party that proceeded to get out of hand. The Kid (Courtne Whitmore) has none of the traits that you desire in a team member. Unsocial, except when she wants to be, difficult to get along with (unless she wants something), and absolutely sure that she is always right. If she survives the experience, she may make for a great member of the JSA. The Cosmic Converter gives her a variety of powers that were similar to the Cosmic Rod, made by the same creator, Ted Knight, but were designed for a more hands on approach to crimefighting. Using the Cosmic Converter, she has increased strength and agility as well as an increased resistance to injury. The belt has previously offered the power of flight and the directed energy powers of all of Ted Knight’s cosmic devices. As the Kid grows more capable of using it, she will probably unleash more of its abilities.

Atom Smasher: Albert Julien Rothstein
Atom Smasher, formerly known as Nuklon, was a charter member of Infinity Inc. a group formed of second generation children of the JSA. Grandson of the supervillain Cyclotron, Atom Smasher inherited some of the powers due to his ancestor’s transformation into a battery of living atomic energy. Patterning himself after his godfather, The Golden Age Atom, Al Pratt, Nuklon, possessed superhuman strength and increased resistance to injury. He was also able to control his molecular density, reducing it to make himself intangible. After repeated exposures to thorium radiation, he has since lost his density reducing capabilities in exchange for the ability to grow in height and increasing his density. He is able to reach a height of 15 feet and grows in weight up to 700 pounds. No one has determined the source of the extra mass but extensive tests at STAR Labs indicates that his body’s density has stabilized. STAR Labs has also provided Atom Smasher with a uniform that expands and contracts with his size changes. This mimetic fabric seems relatively durable and is probably resistant to damage of a conventional nature. He is likely to be the heavy hitter and strongman of the JSA, since he is currently stronger than Hippolyta and Hourman. He has in the past shown the ability to lift approximately 15 tons. With his density increased he will probably able to move even more.

Hawkgirl II: Kendra Shiera Saunders
Little is known about the current Hawkgirl. She does not appear to have any time spent as a crimefighter, but has been trained as one by her grandfather. She is the granddaughter of Speed Saunders and the grandneice of the original Hawkgirl, Shiera Sanders Hall. Trained by Speed, she has excelled in hand to hand combat and the use of archaic weapons. She has recently acquired the Wings and the Belt of Nth metal and has begun training in their use.

Little is known about the Wings and Nth Metal found in the wings and belt but several assumptions have been made from observations of the wearers. It is safe to assume that their flight time is unlimited and do not cause the user fatigue but the user is limited to a certain ceiling of 10,000 feet before the air becomes too cold and thin to support life comfortably. Comfort will probably limit how long the wings can be used before fatigue sets in. No upper speed has ever been attributed to the Nth Metal and since propulsion has never been clearly defined we are estimating about 200 miles per hour is probably the top speed since without respiratory equipment, the user of said wings would have trouble breathing.

Hawkgirl’s role in the JSA seems unclear since she does not have any abilities that they do not already possess. Three of the members already fly, at least two are extraordinary martial artists, three possess variations on superstrength and speed and two possess multipurpose capabilities.

Hourman: no personal name 
Hourman is an android from the year 85,271 A.D. whose software is patterned after the genetic mapping of the Miraclo-enhanced DNA of Rex Tyler, the original Hourman. The android, Hourman was chosen by Metron of the New Gods, to become the heir to the power of the worlogog, a transdimensional, transtemporal device that can control, restructure and manipulate time or cause a variety of temporal effects.

Desiring to find out more about his human ancestry, The android travels back in time and deserts his post as guardian of time. After a disasterous incident in the 20th century which leads to the creation of Solaris, the Tyrant Sun, the android Hourman, then possessing near infinite power and abilities due to his connection with the worlogog, decides to strip himself of all of his temporal powers except for his “Hour of Power”. This was his attempt to prevent accidental uses of his powers due to his inexperience at being human.

The android Hourman possesses the powers of a Miraclo-enhanced Rick Tyler, which included superhuman strength, easily enough to lift 10 tons, speed and resistance to injury. Hourman had the ability to run at speeds of 50 miles per hour for an hour without fatigue and he could perform standing leaps of thirty feet. While he was not bullet-proof, he was highly resistant to concussive injury and was more than apt hand to hand combatant. The new Hourman seems to be proof against small arms as well and has the ability to fly. Android Hourman also possesses a form of temporal prescience that lets him see into the future at times, but because the images are not always linear, he has trouble analyzing them. When using his Power Hour, he can utilize more of his temporal powers to move through time, evolve or devolve a thing or perform other feats of temporal wizardry.

Sand: Sanderson Hawkins 
Sanderson Hawkins was the 1940’s sidekick of the original Sandman, Wesley Dodd, and worked under the codename of Sandy, the Golden Boy. Sandy was the classic kid sidekick of the era, daring, bold and adventurous. As sidekicks went, Sandy was an excellent student and had an excellent teacher. Unfortunately, during an experiment with the Sandman’s experimental Silicoid Gun, Sandy was converted into a silicon-based life form, monsterous in appearance, and after a rampage, was placed in suspended animation because no cure was currently available. Wesley Dodd spent all of his free time working on a cure. Sandy was not cured for 40 years.

After a cure was discovered, Sandy found that he had not aged a day in those 40 years and thus remained a young man. Being the heir to Wesley Dodd’s fortune and technology, (due to patents and inventions of Dodds), allowed Sandy to fund the new JSA. As the new leader of the JSA, Sand is an excellent hand to hand combatant and detective, learning from one of the best of his era, the Sandman. Sand has upgraded the weapons of the original Sandman and his trademark gas pistol and wirepoon launcher. Sand has also inherited Dodds prophetic and precognitive dreaming ability. Sand is not a carbon based life form any longer. What other benefits this may allow him has only to be speculated and whether this will have any other ramifications, only time will tell.

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